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User Experience Budapest
User Experience Budapest
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The language of this meetup will be English.

We'd like to invite you to a special edition of the UX Budapest meetup on the first day of Amuse. Please welcome 4 of our Amuse attendees who will bring you 3 talks on various topics.


17.30 Networking.
18.00 Talks.

💉András Pollák - Medtech: Design for people with medical conditions
Our company have been aiming to help medical startups in the last few months. We've been involved with smart home solutions for people with dementia, big data startups for cancer patients or people with disabilities, etc. It is a very eye-opening experience to face these challenges and gather some medical knowledge alongside with UX (our partners in that is the Semmelweis Uni, the University Hospital of Stavanger and the Medical Health Walley in Nürnberg). The main talking point would be:
-Design for people with different cognitive, motoric or visual abilities.
-Why and how a UX designer should understand the brain, to design for people with brain damage or brain related diseases (such as Alzheimer, dementia, etc...)
-Why should EVERY UX designer understand the brain - The user interface is a mirror for our cognitive activities

😎Stefan Chitu - How to prototype for virtual reality
Prototyping for virtual reality is challenging for new comers. You quickly realise that it's daunting to no longer design with two dimensions in mind, to have the power of sound in your hands and to be implicated in selecting the appropriate technology (from Smartphone VR Headset vs PC Headsets to CGI vs 360 videos). Even though you have articles around the web to help you get started, you're still faced with the challenges that there's no low fidelity prototyping tool available currently on the market.
Let's talk about what we @Qualitance learned from building our own prototyping tool to using it to build immersive experiences while working on virtual reality projects for Fortune 100 companies.

🕵️‍♀️Lotte Boersma & 🕵️‍♂️Wouter van der Velde - Triangulated UX Insights
Lotte and Wouter, working for Noldus, will share how to use multimodal data in different visualizations. We did a study together with the Tech3Lab, in which multimodal data is used in UX testing, using an emotional circumplex, a journey map and a heat map. Using these vizualizations of triangulated UX insights allows us to analyze what the users'pain points are and then take a deep dive in what happens with the user's attention and emotions during that specific moment.

19.30 Afterparty @Ankert (Budapest, Paulay Ede u. 33, 1061)

👨‍🔬András Pollák - CEO @Drukka Digitals
András is the CEO of Drukka Digitals, a startup centric development agency. With his UX designer history, he's trying to build the most user centric agency possible. Lately medical startups became a main area for them, accompanied with new kind of challenges, such us building products for users with neurodegerative diseases or brain damages.

👨‍🎤Stefan Chitu - Head of Product Design @QUALITANCE
Stefan currently leads the design team at QUALITANCE, a global product development & technology company. Storytelling, innovation, and visual voodoo – no matter the medium – are his main areas of interest, and sharing it all with the world makes his soul sing.

🕵️‍♀️Lotte Boersma - @Noldus IT
Lotte is a UX Researcher for Noldus Information Technology, working on innovative solutions for behavior research.
Before that, she worked for more than ten years for Reed Business Information, part of RELX (previously Reed Elsevier) in different UX, project management, and marketing roles.

🕵️‍♂️Wouter van der Velde - @Noldus IT
Wouter works as a representative for Noldus. Daily, he handles requests from clients who are interested in setting up or extending their UX research. He gives them advice and helps to set up everything from a laboratory to a more simple software solution.