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ON THIS Meetup YOU WILL FIND 2 EVENTS: USG "Intro Workshop" and USG VIRTUAL NETWORKING. The "Intro Workshop" is offered once a month and the Virtual Networking is offered twice a month. You may have to scroll down on the upcoming events by clicking "See all" to see the next "Intro Workshop" coming up. Below are descriptions of each event:

"Intro Workshop"
Making Entrepreneurs Successful by moving them from a follower to LEADER.

With a Framework that works for anyone.

Not because it's a one size fits all, but because it's unique to each entrepreneur!

Come and learn how we have helped entrepreneurs create the success that enables them to have the life they want to live.

Didn’t you become an entrepreneur to do things your way?
Come to our free, introductory workshop to learn more about propelling your business to the next level. You will not be disappointed!

AND experiencing Real Life Examples of how the Framework can help you create the business and life you really want!

Virtual Networking
Virtual Networking that's effective and fun! And different!!!

Ultrapreneur Success Groups is a gathering for creating relationships that encourage increasing the knowledge of entrepreneurship with entrepreneurs and other like-minded people through open conversations and discussions about topics of interest to the participants. 
Get to know others in a fun way to create business relationships!

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