San Francisco International Film Festival - Suleiman Mountain

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Urban Hiking & Happy Hour (& random urban adventures)
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Meet at 1:30 near doorway to Little Roxie

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Let's go to the film festival to see "Suleiman Mountain." Please buy your ticket now as this film is highly likely to sell out far in advance. You can buy your ticket at:

Please indicate in the comments that you have bought your ticket.

Without preamble, a young Kyrgyz boy is taken out of an orphanage and into the lives of his supposed parents who make ends meet by running various cons on unsuspecting villagers. Director Stishova weaves mythological and even comedic elements into a beautifully filmed tale that centers around the titular mountain, a mysterious and holy place where the prophet Solomon is said to be buried and where the film's characters aim to find their destinies.

It's the way that the Russian actress-turned-filmmaker drops you into this immersive, rarely seen landscape of Central Asian culture – as seen through the perspectives of shamans, shameless grifters, and sad-eyed kids – that makes this neorealistic tale so remarkably rewarding. Working with a cast of mostly nonprofessional Kyrgyzstani actors, she paints a picture of life along the Silk Road’s townships as both hardscrabble and honorable, where 20th-century modernities inherited from Eastern Europe jostle up against centuries–old folk traditions. And thanks to her performers – especially Perizat Ermanbaeva as a healer with hell-or-high-water maternal instincts and Turgunai Erkinbekova as the con man’s jealous, much younger second wife – the movie brings home the humanistic notion that, at the end of the day, the concept of family is a bond thicker and stickier than blood.

We may go for an optional Urban Hike afterwards.

I will be going to several films during the festival and thought this one would be good to do with a group. Hope to see you there!

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