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This is a group for anyone interest in real estate investing. We focus on Training Members, Networking Opportunities, Providing Resources, Marketing, and Community Improvement & Involvement.

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How to Catapult your Real Estate Portfolio to the Next Level

SLCC, Miller Campus, MFEC, Auditorium

Are you ready to get serious about real estate investing? I mean, really serious? Are you ready to sit down, crunch the numbers, and analyze the data that can propel you into the types of returns you have been seeking? If so, join us for the Utah REIA May Monthly Meeting where Jason Harris, Real Estate Investor, Business Owner, Speaker, Author, will advise us how to catapult a real estate portfolio to the next level by analyzing returns, knowing when to sell, using leverage and scaling up. During his presentation, Jason will teach us: * To treat real estate investments as a business to increase profits * To analyze the return on equity and rate of return to determine when to sell, hold, improve or refinance a property * The strategies of scaling up and benefits that come from doing so * To grow a portfolio more rapidly while maintaining healthy profit margins * How to maximize returns in order to build a larger, more profitable portfolio * How to safely use leverage and the positive impact and acceleration it can have on real estate assets A LITTLE ABOUT JASON HARRIS: Jason started his real estate investing journey, while studying economics at BYU. He chose to buy a Fourplex that he and his wife lived in when he was 24. After that he realized investing in properties could achieve his goals and dreams much quicker than other options. Since then he has pursued investing in good cash flowing properties to maximize his real estate portfolio. He has built a real estate portfolio valued over $23 million with $2.2 million in annual gross scheduled income. Jason's success has come from constantly evolving his own real estate portfolio to maximize his returns in any scenario. Knowing how to treat his real estate as a business, not a passive investment, has been the biggest factor in his success and his ability to grow his portfolio rapidly. Jason is creative in his financing approaches. He didn't let the initial lack of money slow him towards achieving his goal of acquiring more cash flow properties. He started young when he was basically broke, yet he found a way to keep buying through it all. He has bought a large portion of his properties, mainly multifamily units, with very low (10%) down or less. He has had quite a few no money down scenarios in a very competitive real estate market. His strategy involves quickly positioning a property to recapture his initial investment, retain the property and manage it to create healthy cash flow margins and then repeat the process. Jason has a background as a financial advisor and spent 7 years in the financial securities industry. Because of this, he has a unique perspective and view than most in the real estate industry. The moment he started sharing his investing story, he was asked to be on blogs, podcasts (Bigger Pockets, Cash Flow Forever with Rod Khleif, The Best Ever Real Estate Advice with Joe Fairless, the Apartment Building Investing podcast with Michael Blank to name a few) and to speak on panels at prestigious national real estate conferences. He and his wife, Carrie, were also approached by a production company and now have a pitch into HGTV for a tv show focusing on the renovation strategy of our investing. The massive amounts of emails, phone calls and messages received, not only from Utah residents but from people all over the U.S., was surprising and humbling. It revealed there is a staggering amount of people that desire to jump into real estate but don't know how to start. As a result, he and his wife started hosting real estate investing events and seminars for individuals and companies throughout Utah. To Pre-Register: Visit https://www.utahreia.org/Events.aspx?ID=How-to-Catapult-your-Real-Estate-Portfolio-to-the-Next-Level-107-5-28-2019 and click the blue "Register Now" button at the top of the screen.

Utah Investor Meetup

Club 90

The Utah Investor Meetup is a networking event designed to bring real estate investors of all levels into an inviting atmosphere where conversation can be had, relationships can be built, and deals can be done. As there are no presenters, it is encouraged for all attendees to bring business cards, and a notebook/pen. Be prepared to meet lots of new friends! As there is no fee to use this space, attendees are strongly encouraged to order food and tip appropriately to maintain a good relationship with the venue. This meeting is free to attend by anyone interested in investing in real estate and does not count towards the attendance policy set forth by the Utah REIA. NOTE: MUST BE 21 TO ATTEND THIS EVENT! ID IS REQUIRED AT THE DOOR!

74 Different Ways to Find Deals

SLCC, Miller Campus, MFEC #203

Would you like to find more deals? Would you like to receive more of a specific type of deal? If so, great news! The Utah REIA June Networking Luncheon will feature, Luke Watkins, Real Estate Investor, Coach and Consultant - to present, "74 Different Ways to Find Deals". During his presentation, Luke will guide us through: * Free ways and paid ways * More time or more money? * Identifying strengths and weaknesses * Formulating a strategy and dialing in By the end of this presentation, you should be able to creatively think your way into finding more deals to bring you more money! ABOUT LUKE WATKINS: After 8 years of investing in real estate full time, Luke Watkins now has a coaching and consulting company. He specializes in helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals on gaining CLARITY in both their personal lives and their business. He teaches people about how having the proper MINDSET is critical to achieving the life and business of their dreams, and how TMA (taking massive action) on the right activities, consistently, will naturally result in SUCCESS. Luke is well know in the real estate industry as a leader and a friend. He has amazing amounts of energy and positivity. Luke’s passion is helping people and it’s evident when you meet him. He lives in Kaysville, UT and loves skateboarding, playing guitar, and spending time with his family. For more information about Luke or to download his free eBook, "IT'S NEVER TOO LATE The Journey of Change" visit https://lukewatkins.com/. ABOUT THE SPONSOR: If you are looking for property management services or rental options in Northern Utah, Reeder Asset Management is here to help. Our family-owned and operated company has over 15 years of experience in rental real estate, including personal experience with ownership, and we are ready to go to work for you. We serve a broad area in Northern Utah covering over 130 miles – including Salt Lake City, Davis County, Weber County, Box Elder County and Cache Valley. Our familiarity with such a broad market makes us an excellent partner in the management of your investments. We know how to attract and retain quality tenants, helping to reduce turnover, improve revenue streams and build successful rental investments. For more information, call us today at (801)[masked] or visit us at https://www.reederproperties.com/ To Pre-Register: Visit https://www.utahreia.org/Events.aspx?ID=74-Different-Ways-to-Find-Deals-107-6-11-2019 and click the blue "Register Now" button at the top of the screen.

Utah Wholesale Meetup

Mimi's Cafe

The Utah Wholesale Meetup is designed for beginning to advanced wholesalers who would like to stay on top of the trends and regulations of the industry. This event is facilitated by Jeff Rappaport, VP of the Utah REIA and President of We Offer Options, a professional house-buying company that buys houses fast in Salt Lake City. Each month a topic will be selected for an open discussion. All attendees will have the opportunity (and are encouraged!) to participate. Topics include, but are not limited to, lead generation, industry regulations, how to talk to sellers, formulating profitability, industry jargon, etc. As there is no fee to use this space, attendees are strongly encouraged to order food and tip appropriately to maintain a good relationship with the venue. This meeting is free to attend by anyone interested in wholesaling and does not count towards the attendance policy set forth by the Utah REIA.

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How to Leverage Your Credit as an Investor

SLCC, Miller Campus, MFEC #203

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