Two Talks: 1. Service Mesh in a Nutshell, 2. Open Source IoT & Edge Computing

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You can find us at Prom C Cafe (Turtles Cafe). We will have signage around the Cafeteria for VMware {code} and the doors will be open! To attend the MeetUp our only requirement is that you sign up for VMware {code} (

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For our first MeetUp we wanted to present you with a double header- two great talks led by members of out Open Source organization!

Talk 1: Open Source IoT and Edge Computing
Speaker: Alexandre Courouble, SW Engineer, Open Source Technology Center at VMware

We all ride or drive vehicles. Are there open source IoT solutions that gather and analyze automotive data to provide insights into vehicle performance and/or our driving? We explore evolving IoT open source solutions, highlighting what they provide and lack. Not finding one that was adequate, let alone optimal, we developed a proof-of-concept in python to gain firsthand insights. We handled the primary automotive sensors, to gain access to speed and location information, some domain knowledge to identify events of interest such as speeding, and tackled intermittent network connectivity to cloud endpoints. We share our learnings, and what they suggest in terms of features and functionality required of IoT Edge solutions.

Talk 2: Seamless Cloud-Native Apps with gRPC-Web and Istio
Speaker: Venil Noronha, Engineer, Open Source Technology Center at VMware

Web applications have evolved from monoliths to microservices leveraging architectural styles like REST APIs, WebSockets, etc. for communication. gRPC provides benefits like optimization, type safety, etc. over traditional JSON-based protocols. Given gRPC's support for a vast number of languages, backend services can easily reap these benefits by leveraging gRPC. Browsers, however, don't yet support gRPC, making it difficult for Web UIs from taking advantage of this protocol.

By introducing a Service Mesh into the mix, a lot can be changed. Web UIs can now talk to a Service Mesh like Istio via gRPC-Web, while the Istio proxy (Envoy) does the transcoding into gRPC. You also gain a whole lot of features like Observability, Service Discovery, etc. by using a Service Mesh. By switching over to this new gRPC-Web and Istio paradigm, developing a Cloud-Native application becomes a seamless experience.

6:00 pm - Food, Drinks & Networking
6:30 pm - Introductions
6:45 pm Talk 1 - "Open Source IoT & Edge Computing" by Alexandre Courouble, OSTC, VMware
7:30 pm Talk 2 - "Service Mesh in a Nutshell" by Venil Noronha, OSTC, VMware

Food and Drink will be provided, our only requirement for attending meetups is that you are a member of the VMware {code} community! If you aren't yet- no worries! Joining is free, all you need to do is sign up here: using your email.

PLEASE NOTE: For those not located in Palo Alto and wanting to listen to the MeetUp, the event will be live streamed and recorded for later. I will update the livestream link here!