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Funding Feeding Frenzy - Kick Off Funding Event

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What is the Funding Feeding Frenzy - Kick-off Funding Event?

Funding Feeding Frenzy KICKOFF Event

and Funding Presentationsto Investors!

A frenzy of excitement that will be engaging for participants.

A chance to present your company in front of a panel of experienced investors.

AND get great feedback about whether YOU'RE FUND-ABLE now...

Or what exactly you will need to do for your company to be FUND-ABLE to professional Angel Investors, VC's and High Net Worth Individuals.

For Entrepreneurs raising capital, having a great presentation for investors will multiply your chances of success. Getting the chance to present and get feedback in real time, is the best way to know what to do and how to do it, so that you become fund-able.

This is your chance to show off your stuff LIVE in front of REAL investors who put their money into great Start-up and Growth Companies locally.

Company Presentations

5 minute and 3 minute "Mini-Presentations".

"Investor Funding Feedback" and Q&A 15 Minutes per company.

Presenting Companies will receive extremely valuable Presentation Coaching from the Funding Feeding Frenzy expert long as they are registered early enough to schedule coaching.

The FFF team has raised millions of dollars for business and ventures and has helped many other companies raise tons of money too. See examples below:

Jay Harris, Founder & President of ISIS Power / Infinitybox, LLC raised $750,000 from Angel Investors he met at a Previous Funding Feeding Frenzy.

Jerry Freeman, Founder & CEO of has solid funding commitments of $710,000 from a VC Firm, an Angel Group and a High Net Worth Individual he was connected to from the June 2012 FFF. He estimates closing on the funds in January 2013.

Evan Harreras, of DRIFT raised 6-Figures of Funding from Angel investors and contacts he made from presenting at a previous Funding Feeding Frenzy - Kickoff Funding Event.

Many other funding, customer and strategic connections, both small and large, are made at the FFF Event Series. Make sure you don't miss out on the next FFF - Kickoff Funding Event.

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Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the inside track to knowing EXACTLY what those potential investors care about hearing, and HOW they want it presented?

The Funding Feeding Frenzy Kick-off Event was designed for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs and investors, to sharpen their presentations in front of real, live investors.

Entrepreneurs get immediate feedback and critique on how their business is presented and what to do to make the presentation even better and more "fund-able".

Multiple entrepreneurs will present their companies to an investor panel and the entrepreneurs and the assembled attendees, will learn first-hand exactly how their presentation is received by investors...and how it can be improved.

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Most Full Presentations are 8 minutes per company.

"Investor Feedback" and Q&A 15 Minutes per company.

AGENDA - NOTE: AGENDA SUBJECT TO CHANGE based on presenting companies

5:30pm to 6pm-ish Registration and Attendee Introductions

6:00pm-ish Event begins with Presenting Company Short Presentations and Investor Panelist Intros

6:30pm Full Company Presentations (2 Presenting Companies)

7:30pm SHORT 5 min Break

7:35pm "Mini-Presentation" (1 Company)

7:50pm Full Company Presentations (2 Presenting Companies)

8:50pm Networking and Collaboration

9:15pm to ??? After Party

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Wonderful catering by A La Carte!

Early Bird Attendee (
7 days before event $25.00
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4 hours before event $30.00

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Mar 7, 2013 $35.00

Presenting Company (
7 days before event $49.00