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This is a local meetup group of ValleyML in Bay Area. If you would like to start other local meetup groups for ValleyML in other local areas, please contact us. If you would like to be informed of all the activities of ValleyML and its global events, please sign up at valleyml.ai/about .

Valley Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (ValleyML.ai) is the most active and important community of ML & AI Companies and Start-ups, Data Practitioners, Executives and Researchers. We have a global outreach to close to 200,000 professionals in AI and Machine Learning. The focus areas of our members are AI Robotics, AI in Enterprise and AI Hardware.ValleyML.ai bring together business leaders and applied machine learning and deep learning practitioners. We collaborate with professional organizations such as ACM, IEEE and other AI related organizations bringing a series of regularly planned events, seminars, conferences, and workshops. We plan to cover the state-of-the-art advancements in AI technology. Attendees for Valley ML “State of AI and ML”, Boot Camps and AI Expo conferences get IEEE Certificates for Professional Development Hours.

AI is in its currently nascent form of Artificial Narrow Intelligence and is the third era of computing. AI is becoming omnipresent in our daily routines set to usher in Fourth Industrial Revolution with unprecedented scale of changes in how we work and live. Amplifying our human intelligence with AI has the potential of helping humanity flourish like never before, if we (humans!) correctly apply our wisdom to managing AI to keep the technology beneficial. In a series of regularly planned events, we plan to cover the state-of-the art advances in AI technology.

Our current and previous sponsors include UL, MINDBODY, Inc., Ambient Scientific, SEMI, Intel, Western Digital, Texas Instruments, Google, Facebook, Cadence, Xilinx. Please see our past events (https://www.valleyml.ai/pastevents) and our next events (http://valleyml.ai/).

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