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What we’re about

This group is dedicated to all open minded individual who are interested in value investing, whether a novice or veteran .

It is open to discuss and share different investment asset classes, primarily with a medium to long term perspective, however short term opportunities can be included.

Asset classes can include stocks, real estate, commodities, currencies, etc.

The OBJECTIVES of the group are to:

1) Provide a platform for sharing and learning about personal investing,

2) Provide support and network for like minded members,

3) Create a mastermind group so that members can help each other with investment opportunities and profit from their personal investments.

As this is not a commercial group to promote any specific products or services, the group will follow the policy of "No Selling Only Sharing".

However we are not so stubborn headed as to reject legitimate and value "investment" opportunities from providers. For such cases, please contact the organisers and tell us how the group members can BENEFIT from your offerings. All members are asked to respect that.


As with all forms of investment, there will be inherent risk involved. All members/readers should do their own Due Diligence with regards to any investment opportunities, whether from this meetup or otherwise. SVIG does not recommend any particular investment and is not liable for any profits or loss from member's/reader's investment or trading.