What we're about

Value Investor Group(VIG) is for new and experienced investors to share their best ideas and develop fundmental investment skills. The vision of this group is to have like-minded associates who can learn from each other, and become better long-term investors. Investment ideas and discussion will be shared on a weekly basis. The initial beginnings of this group will be open to everyone at a public location, but admission in the future will be selective to keep the goals of the group align with serious long-term value investors.

As with all forms of investment, there will be inherent risk involved. All members/readers should do their own Due Diligence with regards to any investment opportunities, whether from this meetup or otherwise. VIG does not recommend any particular investment and is not liable for any profits or loss from member's/reader's investment or trading.

Who's this group for?
Driven and disciplinary professionals who are long term thinkers and passionate about investing in Stocks, learning fundamental investment and reading books that challenges their thinking. We will share equity reports, book reviews, blogs, and principals that will help us make sound investments.

Who's this group not for?
This is not for people who are interested in Day trading, and penny stocks.

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