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Join us for presentations, talks and a chance to network with Atlassian users and expert partners in the Vancouver area. We meet to talk about all things Atlassian, from Confluence to adopting Stride messenger to mastering Jira. If you've got a topic to present or questions you need answered, we're here to help so just shout. We always have enough food, drink and swag for everyone attending! Come out for an evening of interactive presentations, discussions and socializing.
Meetup.com and the atlassian site no longer integrate without buying an upgraded license to meetup.
We will not be renewing the meetup.com and this group will be decommissioned when it expires at the start of summer.

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POSTPONED Vancouver Atlassian Users Social

Kingston Taphouse & Grille

Portfolio for JIRA

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Summit 2019 Recap

Unbounce Office

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