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Texas VegFest and Earth Day Austin JOIN FORCES

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Texas VegFest and Earth Day Austin JOIN FORCES


So last weekend, Texas VegFest was rained out for the first time EVER. However, they have made arrangements to bring their booths and vendors (maybe some food trucks too?) to the Earth Day Austin event at Huston-Tillotson University THIS Saturday, the 13th.

Now, the ironic thing is that this Saturday is being called for "100% chance" of rain by KXAN, despite Friday being 0% and Sunday being 0%. Don't know what's up with that weather model. Hopefully Texas weather will prove to be typically Texas-y and the second attempt will go down without any issue.

This is an UNHOSTED event; the AVVA will NOT have a booth this year.

For schedules, activities, parking, and event details please visit the Earth Day site at See below for more info.

"Tons of amazing activities and booths offered at Earth Day Austin! Join an anticipated 7,500+ attendees looking to learn as much as they can about saving the Earth (and ALL her inhabitants!) during the event. You'll find all of the exciting activities offered at Earth Day along with some fantastic vegan vendors, ALL FOR FREE!

"Please join us this weekend for a fantastic day of education at Huston-Tillotson University, and in saying a special thanks to the Earth Day team for offering up space for us in their home!"
Huston-Tillotson University
900 Chicon St · Austin, TX
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