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April Vegan Dinner: Cheeze Factory
Special 3 course menu for our group. Items labelled "GS" are gluten sensitive. Please read this entire section carefully, including all of the RSVP notes (you must select which dinner(s) and dessert(s) you want AND pay through PayPal, when you RSVP). APPETIZERS – served family style for the entire group: House hummus and “tuna” salad - served with salsa fresca, organic multi-grain corn tortilla chips, and flame-broiled flatbread. All appetizers are GS minus the flatbread. ENTREES - when you RSVP you will be asked which of the following 4 dinners you (and your guest(s)) will want - you must pre-select when you RSVP and you can select different items for you and your guest(s): Dinner #1: Bangalore Bowl – GS - A hearty dish of savory lentils seasoned with garam masala (Indian Spice blend) and topped with grilled veggies, sweet potatoes and marinated tofu. Garnished with cranberry chutney and “sour cream.” Dinner #2: Tijuana Tortada - Grilled flour tortilla stuffed with savory herb “cheese” spread, black beans, wild rice pilaf and grilled veggies. Served with small side salad. Dinner #3: Spaghetti & “Meat Sauce” Parmesan - Perfectly cooked linguini topped with home-made “meat sauce” house marinara, parmesan “cheese” fresh basil and olive oil. Served with crusty garlic toast. Dinner #4: Healthy, Wealthy & Wise – GS - Seasonal vegetable medley, spiced sweet potatoes, wild rice pilaf, chipotle black beans. DESSERTS - Tasting plates - when you RSVP you will be asked which of the following 2 plates you (and your guest(s)) will want - you must pre-select when you RSVP and you can select different items for you and your guest(s): Dessert "A": Linzer Torte, coconut custard, velvet chocolate truffle. Dessert "B": Fruit & Nut Cookie, coconut custard, velvet chocolate truffle - GS Beverages: Water will be served with the meal. Other beverages will be available to order for an additional charge if anyone would like. Fee Disclosure: The $15.00 fee includes everything mentioned above (except the beverages). That covers the meal, plus tax, tip, and a little to cover the and PayPal fees. Step 1 (there is also a mandatory Step 2): RSVP on this event page for the total number attending and include all children, except those who just nibble off your plate. You must select one dinner and one dessert per RSVP. Now, go to Step 2... Step 2: Click on this payment link What about kids? Kids are welcome and pay full price. However, young children who will only nibble off of your plate can attend at no cost. IMPORTANT: RSVP/Payment Information You must pay when you RSVP (not at a later date). If your RSVP is not accompanied by a payment within 2 days of your RSVP (and no later than 5:00 pm on 4/1/18), your RSVP may be removed by the organizers.

Cheeze Factory Restaurant

618 Oak St · Baraboo, wi

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