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This group is for men interested in gathering together for the purpose of discussing and exploring how we can be more purposeful, confident, and directed so we can bring our greatest gifts to ourselves, our partners, and the world. This is a non-religious group (although all beliefs are welcome). I am starting this group with the intention of having a communal gathering where local men can share experiences, work on ways of growing, finding purpose and balance in ourselves, and supporting the both the masculine and feminine energies that are in us and all around us.

To keep the group focused, I would love to keep it to around 8-15 members. When thinking about joining the group please ask yourself if you would be willing to be committed to the following areas which will be vital to the group's success:

• Commitment - A main point of the group is to show up and bring it, for ourselves and others. Please only consider joining if you are willing to meet and truly show up

• Confidentiality - What is shared in the group stays in within the group. No personal details should be shared with anyone outside of our gatherings

• Openness & Truth - This is a safe space to share openly and provide feedback to our group which will make us all better

• Passion / Courage - Part of what we are doing here is challenging ourselves, hold each other accountable, and drive action and momentum in each others lives. If this an area where you feel you need work, great! This could be a great place to practice

Because of the intention set around the group and the desired numbers, membership will require you answering a couple questions and providing some info about yourself and what you would like to get out of a group like this.

It would be great to have our first meeting, decide on how often we want to meet (thinking once a month to start), as well as discuss the format of the meetings.

I'm so excited to gather with you!


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Bi-Weekly Meeting - Vote for Topic in the Comments!

Bell Arts Factory

First - Please send me your email address so I can add you to our email group for better communication. We had a great meeting this week and kicked off topics which feel like a great way to explore and grow. Here are some topics as suggested by others. Please vote for what you might like in the comments or add your own suggestions. Topic Suggestions: Polarity - masculine/feminine within us and how it can affect our relationships Be ok being a man Sex and controlling your ejaculations (suggested topic recently that was not fully explored) Dark masculinity Communication with partners Agenda 1. Core values and agreement on confidentiality 2. Intro’s (for any new folks) - Who are you, why are you here, and what do you want to give to the group and get from the group? 3. Open Sharing - What is on your mind and what have you been dealing with lately? 4. Group Discussion - Vote in the comments 5. Wrap Up

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