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Fog Computing with Eclipse fog⌀5
Join: The meetup will be held on Google Hangouts/YouTube Live and you will be able to watch the live stream directly on YouTube: ========== Timezones: This is a virtual Meetup occurring at 8AM Pacific Time (11AM Eastern, 5PM Central European Time). For help with your timezone calculation, refer to this ( ========== Description: Fog computing aims at providing horizontal, system-level, abstractions to distribute computing, storage, control and networking functions closer to the user along a cloud-to-thing continuum. Whilst fog computing is increasingly recognized as the key paradigm at the foundation of Consumer and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), most of the initiatives on fog computing focus on extending cloud infrastructure. As a consequence, these infrastructure falls short in addressing heterogeneity and resource constraints characteristics of fog computing environments. Eclipse fog⌀5 (read as fog O-five or fog OS) is an Eclipse IoT Project that is building a fog computing infrastructure from the first principle. In other terms, Eclipse fog⌀5 has been designed to address the challenges induced by fog computing in terms of heterogeneity, decentralization, resource constraints, geographical scale, and security. This webcast will introduce Eclipse fog⌀5, motivate its architecture and building blocks as well as provide a demonstration of Eclipse fog⌀5 provisioning applications that span from the cloud to the things. ========= Speakers: Angelo Corsaro, Ph.D. is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at ADLINK Technology Inc where he leads the Advanced Technology Office and looks after corporate technology strategy and innovation. Angelo is a world top expert in edge/fog computing and a well-known researcher in the area of high performance and large-scale distributed systems. Angelo has over 100 publications on referred journal, conferences, workshops, and magazines. His area of expertise include Fog/Edge Computing, Industrial and Consumer Internet of Things, Innovation and Innovation Management, Product Strategy, Open Source, High-Performance Computing, Large Scale Mission/Business Critical Distributed Systems, Real-Time Systems, Software Patterns, Functional Programming Languages Connect with Angelo: Twitter: @acorsaro LinkedIn: ---- Gabriele Baldoni is Technologist at ADLINK Technology where he works on Edge and Fog Computing and leads the development of Eclipse fog05. Gabriele started working on Edge/Fog computing from the very beginning of his career, focusing on IaaS software that can enable the cloud-to-thing continuum. His main interest are 5G, MEC and Fog Computing. Connect with Gabriele: Twitter: @_gabry LinkedIn:

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