YAKS: A Distributed and Heterogeneous Key-value Store for IoT

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Key-value stores are widely used in cloud computing, thanks to their ability to efficiently store and serve data with high availability and to scale horizontally within a cluster.

With the rise of edge computing, there is an increasing need for keeping data close to where it is produced while still having the ability to transparently access it from anywhere in the network.
The main forces driving toward this decentralization are:
• Scalability: as soon as multiple cloud regions are required to serve applications it becomes more and more challenging to keep location transparency while avoiding data replication/duplication.
• Cost: in some applications the cost of connectivity does not makes cloud-centric approaches unfeasible.
• Privacy: some applications need to keep their data in a private and secure infrastructure
• Latency: some application requires a very low latency that is not compatible with the latencies usually seen to access the cloud.

In this context, we introduce YAKS which is actually not « Yet Another Key-value Store » per se, but a framework offering a unified view similar to a key-value store of distributed and heterogeneous data storages. A YAKS infrastructure allows the deployment of various data storages at any point of the system (cloud, edge or in the devices themselves) and to query or subscribe to the data from any point of the system in a location-transparent way.

YAKS is the data distribution technology used by the Eclipse Fog05 project.


Speaker: Julien Enoch, Senior Technologist at ADLINK Technology Inc.

Julien Enoch is Senior Technologist at ADLINK Technology Inc. where he is a member of the Advanced Technology Office which is in charge of the corporate technology strategy and innovation.

Julien has a long experience in mission-critical distributed systems and their communication middleware. He actively contributes to the ADLINK’s innovations for the Edge Computing and the Industrial Internet of Things.

Specialties: Fog/Edge Computing, Industrial and Consumer Internet of Things, Large Scale Mission/Business Critical Distributed Systems, Software Patterns, Functional Programming Languages

Connect with Julien:
LinkedIn profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/julienenoch/
Twitter handle: https://twitter.com/JulienEnoch (ADLINK Technology Inc.: https://twitter.com/ADLINK_Tech)