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This group is for anyone who wants to explore singing, sound, and harmonics in a spontaneous, playful, healing way. We offer a safe, supportive, judgement-free zone to explore the full expression of our creative voices and feel the power of group singing. We have four primary expressions of group singing:

• The Voice Circle Community Choir, a non-auditioned, non-performing choir, where we learn beautiful music from around the world. All songs are taught orally, without sheet music.

• Circle Singing, an orally-led, improvisational group singing experience, based on the work of Bobby McFerrin and his collaborators.

• Vocal Meditation, a contemplative singing practice utilizing toning, chanting, soul-singing, and deep listening.

• Spontaneous A Cappella, a small-group improvisational practice wherein we create improvised songs together, without a leader. A deeper dive into improvisational singing.

What we do in every group: We have fun with our voices in a way that stimulates and strengthens the parts of our brains that foster relaxation, creativity, playfulness, and self-expression. We take inspiration from techniques developed by Bobby McFerrin, Rhiannon, Christa Ray, Paul Newham, Sylvia Nakkach, Laurel Elizabeth Keyes, Jonathan Goldman and others.

Who should join: Singers, non-singers, “closet” singers, shower singers, car singers, karaoke singers, kirtan singers, choir singers — anyone who wants to free their voice and open their mind for greater self-expression and creativity.

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Workshop: Singing & Dancing Your Authentic Self

Needs a location

Improvisational Voice and Movement Workshop — Online

Do you have the quarantine blues? Are your voice and body feeling stiff and shut down without an outlet for playful expression? Would you like to learn to sing and move from a place of self-inquiry, delight, and freedom with a deep and vibrant community, without ever leaving your living room?

Join Colorado vocal coaches Roy Willey and Amy Biondo for an afternoon Zoom workshop exploring the intersection of mindfulness with the voice, breath, and body.

Learn the practice of Contemplative Voice and Movement, an improvisational singing and moving meditation, and discover and celebrate your own authentic voice and movement as you practice over a “sound bed” of layered vocals created in the moment by Roy and Amy. The practice of sustained, improvisational singing and moving not only calms the nervous system, it grounds us in the present moment and connects us to our creative, intuitive selves.

In this online workshop, you'll explore all of these practices from the comfort and privacy of your own home. All voices welcome, no prior experience necessary.

All the details: https://voicecirclecolorado.com/sing-and-dance

Exchange: $25 Early Bird Price. ($30 after May 13th).

(No one turned away — some scholarships are available. Please message the host to arrange.)

TO REGISTER: Click the PayPal link below. Upon checkout, you'll be directed to the registration page on Zoom.


Singing Journey Meditation — Online

Online event

In these journeys, our voice becomes our tool for relaxation, healing, and deepening our connection with our creative, intuitive mind. You'll be guided through practices like toning, non-religious chanting, and improvisational soul singing over an improvised sound bed.

Though participants are muted, you're encouraged to use your voice along with the me. And, because you're singing from the privacy of your own home, you're able to use your voice freely, without fear of judgement.

This is a powerful way to release stress, reduce anxiety and achieve a more peaceful state of being. Even if you choose not to sing, just listening along is a great way to relax.

I'm offering this at no cost. I'll accept donations if you're in a position to give.

or Venmo: @Roy-Willey

Pre-registration is required. Click "Online event" link on this page. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Circle Singing Online

Online event

Circle Singing is a community singing and sounding practice — spontaneous and evolving — like a drum circle for voices.

Based on practices developed by Bobby McFerrin and his collaborators, Circle Singing is a supportive, judgment-free space to play with your voice. Leaders create songs in the moment — patterns, percussive sounds, rhythms, harmonies, melodies, recognizable words, or invented language — and teach the parts orally to the rest of the group. The parts layer together into completely original compositions, each song a unique creation, never sung before, never to be sung again.

It's a very organic, playful, community singing experience. All voices are welcome!

How does that work online? Modern technology! Leaders use voice-looping devices to create layered songs live in the moment. You can sing along to the parts, harmonize, create your own parts, improvise solos on your own, dance, move and clap along.

We also play some interactive vocal improv games, for those who want to dive in deeper. You can participate to your level of comfort, or simply witness.

Details: The zoom link is listed in the address section of this event. As a security measure, pre-registration is required. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

I suggest registering ahead of time, and logging in a few minutes early on the day of the sing (I'll be there at 2:50 p.m.), to make sure you're set up and ready to go.

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Singing Journey Meditation — Online

Online event

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