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What we’re about

Voices of Reason sings a cappella and choral music with a secular/atheist/humanist twist! We practice twice a month on Sunday evenings, plus occasional performances. We have approximately 12-15 regular members and the group is free!

We are current on a hiatus starting February 2023 and we're looking for a new choral conductor. If interested, please reach out to Meanwhile, we welcome new joiners so that we may reach out to you to get this thing restarted with at least at least one core person for Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass (SATB)! So back to what we aim to do...

Learning songs and improving is an ongoing process. Our songs/genres vary. If you can read music, that will help, and if you don't, we have practice audio files to help you learn the tunes. Either way, you'll get a lot out of this group as you grow your musicianship and ability to harmonize/blend.

Our group is really about having fun and becoming better musicians, first and foremost. It really doesn't matter what your religious or political beliefs are, as the ultimate agenda of this group is to sound great together and entertain others (and ourselves!)

Our performances cater to nonreligious audiences, so our music range goes from softer humanist themes to satire pieces that may comment on religion. Some of our music includes songs along the line of "Every Sperm is Sacred" (Monty Python). To get a better idea of our material, you can check out our website and several of our current and past songs starting here:

More details about our practice location (in Echo Park), our sheet music, etc are on our meetup calendar which is available to members after joining this meetup. For performance requests, please write to us at or call (424) 222-9095.