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We are California's Atheist Hub.

Our mission is to build thriving atheist communities, empower people to express their secular values, and promote the separation of government and religion. 

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SMART Recovery -- Find independence from addictive substances and activities

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Welcome to SMART Recovery Los Angeles!

We offer self-empowering, non-faith-based mutual help groups for addictive problems. These meetings are free and open to anyone! No one is required to participate. All you have to do is show up!

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CHECK-IN AND RSVP with David by phone or text at (213)[masked] to register for the meeting and receive location information.

All are welcome, but vaccinations are required to enter the building. Some meetings will be online.

Parking is available in the rear of the building. Join us in the conference room at Center for Inquiry Los Angeles. These meetings are sponsored by Atheists United Los Angeles. We do not sign court cards.


Change myself, change the world…

SMART Recovery® (Self Management And Recovery Training) helps individuals gain independence from addictive substances and activities.

Welcome to our community! Our discussions are based on scientific knowledge and evolve as scientific knowledge evolves. SMART is helpful for some participants primarily because they become involved with a new community of helpful and friendly people. For others, SMART is helpful primarily because they learn new ways of thinking about themselves and their behavior.

Although we have science-based ideas for you to consider, no one will tell you what to do. Our slogan is “Discover the Power of Choice.” For many SMART is a combination of new community and new ways of thinking. You can be involved with SMART in whatever way you want to. We look forward to your participation.

An educational and entertaining program about religion/Atheism and much more

(This Event is promoted in other groups and platforms and is open to all regardless of age, geographic location, etc. and since it is an online/virtual event via Zoom you can connect from anywhere in the world.)

We're on every 1st Monday and 3rd Thursday of the month (different Zoom link - same fun group)

🛑What to expect:
Discussion sparked by short videos about atheism, religion, science, current events, critical thinking, comedy, life hacks, health and beyond >>> followed by moderated discussions.

🛑What we're about:
WELCOME to https://www.AheistsUnited.org's meetup - one of many opportunities to engage in mindful discussions, lectures, book clubs, educational forums mostly online, and our In-Person-Volunteer events like the monthly food distribution in person.
Other Atheists United links are listed below.
We are an ethically centered community for greater Los Angeles atheists.
Our mission is to build thriving atheist communities, empower people to express their secular values, and promote the separation of government and religion.

🛑Meeting format:
This is a place for atheists to meet, have dinner with (eating on camera is ok), and talk to other atheists, skeptics and humanists.
A few agnostics and religious people sometimes show up as well and they are welcome as long as they are not there to proselytize.
We mandate courtesy and respect to fellow attendees, and no proselytizing. Foremost, this is a social gathering, and support group for like-minded persons, not a debate club.
If you're coming just to argue on matters of religion or politics, don't bother showing up, you're not going to convert anyone, and you will be asked to leave.

🛑This is a 2 hour event, but often we go overtime when the discussion and the great atmosphere it requires; or when we can't get enough of seeing familiar faces and perhaps some new ones.
Feel free to stay as long or as short as you'd like.

🛑Look out for topics posted in the discussion section and please place your own ideas, questions or concerns in the comments and please feel free to private message any of our co-organizers by clicking on their names.
Bring your unique point of view and add to the discussion.


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"This is a very informative posting with excellent links. I sure am glad to learn of helpful details to add to our postings. Thanks!" - Rebecca Kitchings
“Atheist United is a wonderful organization! Friendly, welcoming and a positive presence in the greater Los Angeles community. ” — Arlene
“amazing welcoming people enjoyed it ” — Qui Diaz
“ Good programs, thoughtful people ” — Jeanne Winn

  • All Meetup fees are paid by our sponsors through your memberships; donations toward the work of https://www.AtheistsUnited.org/ are gratefully accepted.

Atheists Volunteer FOOD DISTRIBUTION! Come help and give out food!

2535 W Temple St

Atheists United, California's largest grassroots atheist nonprofit, is fighting the emergency food crisis with our partners Sunday Assembly Los Angeles by hosting a food distribution in Los Angeles outside our offices. We've partnered with the LA Food Bank and give out over 3,000lbs of food each event.

We need volunteers to help us assemble and organize food packages from 12pm - 5pm.

From 4pm - 5pm volunteers will help hand food out directly to those in need in the neighborhood. From 5pm - 6pm we'll clean up and celebrate everything we accomplished together. Music and snacks will make it well worth your time.

If you'd like to be a super volunteer, contact us about showing up at 10am to help with setup!

**Food: Snacks will be provided free for volunteers. We also hope you join us for dinner at a local restaurant after the event.

**Safety: COVID-19 is extremely dangerous and we prioritize the safety of our volunteers and food recipients. You must be vaccinated to volunteer. If you do not follow our COVID policies you will be asked to leave immediately.

**Parking: Free parking in our parking lot off Rampart Blvd (see location map below)

**Dress Code: Safety requirements include: no open-toe/open-heel shoes or high heels. We recommend casual attire (jeans, t-shirt, light sweater, & tennis shoes). Please dress for the weather and wear sunscreen if needed.

Any questions, please contact Marit at [masked] or Evan at [masked]

If you can't attend but would like to help support the program financially please consider a donation to Atheists United so we can organize more projects like this in the future: https://www.atheistsunited.org/donate-now

We know we have only one life to live and few things bring more joy than helping others. Join us!

Online Pub Trivia / Quiz Night

Online event

NEW Zoom link:

Our friends from San Louis Obispo (https://www.meetup.com/San-Luis-Obispo-Atheists) are hosting this event:

Quiz details:

This is a virtual meeting but this doesn't mean the beer has to be virtual - so be sure to sup a nice ale as you participate.
30 questions have been prepared. The questions will be read aloud one at a time and participants should write down the answers. When all have been read and answered I will read out the answers for scoring.

No prizes for winning but the honor of doing so can be overwhelming.


This quiz is changing from the previous schedule of once every two weeks to the specific dates of the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. This may change depending on its popularity.

(This event is posted on other Meetup groups, so there are more attendees than just from this group!!)

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