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What we’re about

Founded in 2012, WATT International encourages women in technology to be fearless as they advance their careers, providing education, inspiration, guidance and connections to career opportunities. 
Our Mission: 
• to encourage women to be fearless in sharing their unique perspectives and talents;
•  to encourage men to take an active role in this culture shift that will create inclusive, supportive environments where both women and men can thrive;

• to encourage more women and girls to enter and advance to leadership roles in technology related fields;
• to change the status quo through education, collaboration and inclusion; 

• to assist companies in attracting, hiring, and retaining top female talent
• to positively impact our communities, organizations and global society by bringing a more diverse, balanced perspective to products, services and policies.
It's now 2020!  We have grown from about 200 Meetup members in 2014 to over 1200 today. While our community is global (including events in the Caribbean, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Bangladesh and more), most of our face-to-face events have been concentrated around Dallas, Texas.  We are planning moreFor 2020, we are expanding our presence with live meetups in a city near you.  If you'd like to collaborate with the WATT organization to host an event in your area.

Events include:
Mentor Meetups - Here unique perspectives from experienced Women in Tech on topics that matter to you. Most will be face-to-face and broadcast as a webinar for greater participation. They will also be recorded (when possible) for later viewing.

Career Connections Networking Events - Meet to share job, training and professional development opportunities. These meetups can be simple Happy Hours, company sponsored recruiting events, or other activities where the group has an interest.
Education/Training - WATT hosts  education on Communications, Negotiations, Business Skills; We will also open up our calendar to share other technical training opportunities offered through universities, professional organizations, or other Meetup groups.
Mastermind groups - Meet with 10-12 WATT peers to discuss challenges and opportunities around topics that include:

  1. Career growth -  Strategies for increasing your relevance and your influence 
  2. Optimizing your team with the right mix of strengths and styles
  3. How truly connecting with co-workers improves engagement and results
  4. Equanimity versus equality; embracing our differences for innovation and a more sustainable workforce
  5. Becoming a catalyst for a culture shift that meets the needs of a fast changing, technology dependent, geographically dispersed and culturally diverse workforce

We are a division of Ipseity Coaching & Consulting Inc. We offer Recruiting, Coaching, Training, and Change Management Consulting in areas Technology & Marketing across industries.
To learn more about our programs and events, contact us @