• Online: WordPress Toronto, Let's fix your site 2023-06-20 Tu

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    This meetup is a virtual group site clinic. The hosts are experienced WordPress designers, developers and consultants. Meeting attendees are encouraged to contribute to the help on an issue or address a challenge someone in the Meetup is facing. This is collaborative—we help each other succeed.

    The meeting will be held online at the Zoom link displayed after you RSVP. (If the link isn't clickable, copy and paste it into your browser.)

    The WordPress Toronto Meetup group is sponsored by Weglot.

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    Make your help request by adding a comment in the comments section below prior to the meeting and explain your issue or problem. We address requests in the comments first. and then requests made during the meeting. You can also use your RSVP to make your request.

    In your request for assistance, be clear and concise. Include your website URL and any other relevant links. Let us know what steps you've taken to fix your problem and where you're stuck. If there are any fixes or issues that the group can't get to in time, someone in the meetup may tackle them with you one-on-one online.

    Important — backup your site

    The hosts and attendees are not responsible for any breaks that may occur during the process of attempting to fix your site at the meeting or afterwards. The hosts strongly recommend that you have a backup of your site in case something unexpected happens. You can also let us know that you'd like ideas on fixes rather than actually attempting a fix during the meeting.

    Be prepared to share your site's admin dashboard page

    We recommend that you attend the session using a desktop or notebook computer so that you can login into your site and share your screen during the discussion of your problem or issue.

    When you want to speak for the first time, start your video so we can confirm that you are a member of our group or a guest. If you don't start your video or explain why you aren't, we'll remove you from the session.

    Session recordings

    Videos of previous meetups and recaps with links and chat summaries are available online at Let's fix your site | WPTO.

    The video recording of the [masked] session is https://youtu.be/hpJ2yJAXGOY.


    A donation of $5 to help cover ongoing costs to run the meetup would be appreciated: WPTO | PayPal.

    Comments from our attendees

    Wow, what an awesome group of helpful folks! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

    I am not a web developer but I like to control my site in order to make small changes. This was the 2nd time I had an issue with my website and decided to attend the "Fix-it" session. They always come through with the right solution!! 👍🏽

    I'm so grateful to the host and all the experts who volunteered their time to help this novice!! 🤭 Sherine C. [masked])

    Great session. I got the help that I needed to fix my website issues. Margaret Teasdale [masked])

    Learned a lot from the others as they found their solutions as well."Thanks for a great session. It was helpful to get some answers and see what other WPers are facing." Tim H.

    "Thanks for your help at the Meetup! This is the first one I’ve been to that is so genuinely focused on helping people solve the challenges they are having with their site. Everyone got a chance to share what they wanted fixed and Alex and other people helped solve the issues. It was good to see all the brainstorming and the solutions! I would highly recommend going to this Meetup." Heather M.

    "Great to see practically all members contributing to solve problems. Perhaps one day soon, this newbie will have something constructive to contribute as well." Heinrich D.

    Overview of WP Toronto

    This site clinic is just one of the groups within the WPTO Meetup community. in the GTA. Check out the WPToronto Meetup group for details on all the local WP Meetups.

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