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This Tips and Demos WordPress free meetup is now downtown at the CSI 215 Spadina - 4th Floor Alterna Meeting Room which features seating for 15-25 attendees, WiFi service, and the Meeting time is 1:45 minutes.

The topics in general center around demos of popular WordPress themes, plugins, and methods. The purpose of the Meetup is to help answer your WP questions.

Upcoming in December: a new superset of CSS Style Editors for WordPress

There will be attendee intro and optional WP question or Topic suggestion. A half hour will be devoted to Intro and Question&Answer scrum. 1 hour is reserved for the Demo and discussion. There is lots going on in WordPress and so the challenge is how to get the most from the WordPress environ and these sessions will offer discussions and insights.

Heather Robertson will leadoff with ideas on Content Marketing. Since this is WordPress this is a how to approach to Optimizing Your Content with WordPress Tools. It’s a combination of Content and understanding all the WP tools. Using an example of a blog post the talk will cover all the points on how you can optimize, the tools, how and why.

Robin Macrae will follow with the Data Markup Strategy for SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Research says that structured data and schema can deliver a 30% increase in your site’s click-through-rate. Structured data markup makes your pages stand out in search results by telling the search engines about your content. They're becoming more and more important for search engine optimization especially if you write reviews, promote events, make offers or sell products. Which of the several formats does Google prefer? Which is the best plugin for someone just starting to use SEO? Which free tools are recommended? Learn how you can start implementing structured data markup in your site

This meetup looks to present solid coverage of methods for preparing your content for overall website promotion.

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