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Brooklands and the river Wey, 7/9 miles no hills

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This is the walk with absolutely everything thrown in: Superstore shopping, an historic race track, an idyllic stretch of river, a quick round of golf maybe, a riverside pub lunch, then posh cars and trains planes and automobiles, then more superstores shopping!
We start in the historic Brooklands Bowl, now a shopping centre and industrial estate - rather sad, but the remains of the Bowl are still impressive. From there we quickly get on to an idyllic stretch of the river Wey and to the lovely Wisley Common, eventually making it to the riverside pub for an early lunch. The plan is to get to the pub before it gets too busy, so we don't have to queue too long, hopefully; hence the early start time.
Coming back to Brooklands, you'll have the choice of going shopping or to be sociable and come with the group to Mercedes Benz World and to the Brooklands Museum, which are about a mile away, again walking along the river.
What is Mercedes Benz World I hear you ask? Well it's a museum / showroom devoted to all things, well, Merc - about 100 cars are on show. Admission is free.
Next door is the famous Brooklands Museum, devoted to both cars and aircrafts, with one of the most interesting collections in the country. Admission is £10. Should you not wish to visit the museum you can still come and have tea and cakes in the cafeteria.
We then walk back to the Tesco car park for even more shopping!

OR: you could even bring your rollerblades, as we'll be passing one of the best places in Surrey to go rolling...

The main walk is about 7 miles long. The walk to and from the museum adds another 2 miles. All virtually flat so quite easy.

Money: £2 usual fee; £10 for the Brooklands Museum; Shopping will cost you money.

Parking in the shopping centre is free. I can see no signs in the Tesco/M&S car parks limiting the parking to a set period, so Tesco or M&S would be on flimsy legal ground to penalize anyone parking there for about 5 hours. In any case, there is a free and unrestricted municipal car park across the road, at the Brooklands Community Park. To get to this car park, when arriving at the first roundabout in Brooklands, turn right instead of left and the free car parking is near the playground.


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