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https://wasatchmountainclub.org is the official website for the WMC. Use it or https://wasatchmountainclub.org/join to become a member of the WMC. The WMC uses this meetup.com group to help make meetup.com members aware of a few selected WMC activities. To see this month's WMC Activities visit the WMC Activity Calendar (https://wasatchmountainclub.org/calendar). Additionally some WMC members use this group on meetup.com for event participation management (the "going" list, the "waitlist", the "Not Going" list, ...) and for event communications (comments, updates, changes, ...).

The WMC is for individuals interested in safely participating in outdoor activities, wilderness preservation across the Wasatch Mountains and beyond, and socializing with other like minded individuals.

***NOTE: RSVP spots for our meetup.com events may not reflect the actual number of attendees. The WMC invites members of the meetup.com group to join WMC members for a small sampling of our activities. The limited spots listed allow for a balance of WMC members and meetup.com members at activities. Additionally, we keep our group sizes so we can properly manage them and sometimes for wilderness limits. Unless otherwise noted in activities, participants should be 18+ years old.

The Wasatch Mountain Club was incorporated in 1920 by an informally organized group that had been hiking together for several years. The original Club charter listed the purpose as to promote the physical and spiritual well being of its members and others by outdoor activities;to unite the energy, interests and knowledge of students, explorers and lovers of the mountains, deserts and rivers of Utah; to collect and disseminate information regarding the Rocky Mountains in behalf of science, literature and art; to explore and picture the scenic wonders of this and surrounding states; to foster awareness of scenic beauties; and to encourage preservation of our natural areas including their plant, animal and bird life.

The Wasatch Mountain Club is an outdoor recreation club for adults. Club activities include hiking, backpacking and camping (https://wasatchmountainclub.org/hiking), kayaking, canoeing and rafting (https://wasatchmountainclub.org/rafting), mountain and road biking (https://wasatchmountainclub.org/road-biking), rock and ice climbing, canyoneering and mountaineering (https://wasatchmountainclub.org/climbing), snowshoeing (https://wasatchmountainclub.org/snowshoeing), backcountry skiing (https://wasatchmountainclub.org/backcountry-skiing), social/entertainment activities/programs (https://wasatchmountainclub.org/socializing), community service and conservation pursuits (https://wasatchmountainclub.org/conservation-persuits).

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How about an awesome trip into the Escalante River Valley to run 3 canyons like last year? This is not a trip for beginners, unfortunately. We will backpack in on day 1 and leave day 5. Choprock is the most physically enduring canyon and will be a long day. (Approx 12 hours) Two canyons have an R rating. 3 groups of 6 will alternate each canyon, each day. Groups will be determined after the event reaches it's max. You MUST be able to attend all days and physically able to participate every day. Your team will need you each day. The pace on each canyon day will be faster than normal on the approach/ exit and efficiency in the canyon is a must. I can't express the physical demands required each day and especially on your specific choprock day. The pace is higher than normal.

2020 Moab Canyoneering Rendezvous at Slickrock Campground

EVERY person that wants to go needs their own Meetup profile. No plus 1s. Please make sure your notifications are on for this group so you stay current on all info. This is where everything related to the rondy will be posted! When your funds are received you will be moved from the waitlist to the going list. There is no "order" for this particular event. Read below. First of all, Slickrock has completely remodeled! The shower buildings, main building and the tent sites are all updated. The group site is gone! The rendezvous this year will be $30 dollars for the event,per person, plus $30 per night for camping. Camping means your own, covered space. If you share a tent you don't need to pay and just split the cost with your tent group. RV sites are extra and you must arrange for those on your own. Most will arrive on Thursday night and stay to Sunday. The amount sent to me must include the $30 plus $30 for each night you want to stay. You can Paypal me at [masked]. Venmo at @Shane-Wallace-19. When I receive the payment you will be transferred from the waitlist to the GOING list! Give me a couple of days and if I haven't moved you to the going list, please bring it to my attention. There will be leaders for the canyons. Last year the leaders were awesome! If you desire to be a leader please contact me before signing up. There will also be opportunities for people to be co-leaders. There are showers at the campground. You can stay in a tent or RV as needed. As last year, you are responsible for all food, camping gear, fees and canyoneering gear including harness, helmet, descender, ropes, safety tether, locking carabiners, closed toe shoes minimum, wetsuits, etc. Since last year was such a success there will be a potluck dinner on Saturday night this year. Yes, I will again be cooking Swedish Crepes that I've been making since I was a kid. The crepes may be filled with anything you wish. Some prefer syrup and butter and others like to make it like a breakfast burrito. Please bring your favorite food or two so we can add it to the feast. Ideas could be sausage, grilled veggies, cream cheese in various flavors, fruits of all kinds, cheese, etc. There may even be some marinated/grilled duck. Come prepared to how us how you like to make them!! Here is the link to sign up for an item: https://perfectpotluck.com/meals.php?t=TMWY2201&v=884f1ffc7a All money goes to the WMC. Membership is required. You can go here to become a member: https://wasatchmountainclub.org/admin/menu.php . There may be unique circumstances that don’t require the WMC membership. Contact Shane for exceptions. The Thursday start time implies that you should arrive Thursday night if you want to run a canyon on Friday. You can arrive and leave as needed. There will be canyons to descend Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Sunday canyons will be short canyons so people can get on the road. At the latest, you should be ready to leave camp by 8:00 am each morning and prepared as needed for the canyon you will descend that day. Some departure times will be earlier. Each member will sign up for canyons the night before or early in the morning before the group leaves. There will be a location where those signup sheets will be made available. You can coordinate with the people in this group and arrange carpools, camping arrangements, among other things. Don't be deceived by the length of the canyon. Some locations will require shuttles or drives that will make many canyons a full day. Some canyons are rated B and C. Bring your wetsuit! BONUS: FRIDAY there will be a full day of training for anyone that wants to learn the basics of canyoneering and then put it to use Saturday and Sunday, under the supervision of a leader of course. I need to know if anyone is interested prior to the event. Maybe advanced skills on Saturday. Lastly, with the current pandemic situation, all money will be refunded if this event is cancelled.

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