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WMC Canyoneering Organizers use this group for event participation management (the "going" list, the "waitlist", the "Not Going" list) and for easy event communications (notifications, comments, emails).

Historically the WMC used this meetup group to make perspective WMC members aware that the WMC was much more than a hiking, climbing, biking, ... organization. Since April 2020 it has been used exclusively by the WMC Canyoneers. Hence to revive the original perspective we've created the new group Discover the Wasatch Mountain Club, and we encourage you to join it, and the WMC. is the official website for the WMC. To see this month's activities visit the WMC Activity Calendar. The WMC is for individuals interested in safely participating in outdoor activities, wilderness preservation across the Wasatch Mountains and beyond, and socializing with other like minded individuals. It was incorporated in 1920 and is now 100 years old!

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  • 2024 Canyoneering Rendezvous in Capitol Reef!!!
    Sandcreek RV Park, Torrey, UT
    • Photo of Dana Fisher
    • Photo of Shane Wallace
    • Photo of Heather Sharp
    • Photo of Phillip Mabbitt
    • Photo of richard schwarz