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The Waterford Tech Meetup is a chance to connect with (and learn from) like-minded people to discuss wide ranging topics of a technical nature. We meet on the last Wednesday of every month with the aim to have 1 or 2 talks, with ample time for socialising.

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June 2023 - Infrastructure as Code Tools & Automation First Testing

Waterford Treasures: Medieval Museum (Treasures of Medieval Waterford)

Our next meetup will be on Tuesday, 13th of June at 7pm in Waterford Treasures Museum (X91 K10E). Please join us for food, drinks, spot prizes and two fantastic tech talks.

Speaker 1: Johan Bency from VROMO

Johan, Senior Engineering Manager at Vromo, is a tech enthusiast with a strong background in software engineering, automation, DevOps, and ML. His diverse experience spans roles as a freelancer, team leader, senior software engineer and principal engineer. Johan holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's in Data Analytics, combining strong academic credentials with practical tech acumen.

Tech Talk: Infrastructure as Code Tools: A Comparative Analysis for Effective Team Collaboration

In this tech talk, we'll delve into the world of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools and explore the benefits of using them for effective team collaboration. We'll begin with an overview of what IaC is and why it's important for modern software development. We'll then take a deep dive into some of the most popular IaC tools in the market, comparing and contrasting their features and capabilities. Along the way, we'll share some best practices for selecting the right IaC tool for your team and implementing it effectively. We will mostly focus on tools such as Pulumi, Terraform while briefly covering vendor-locked tools such as CloudFormation.


Speaker 2: Sophie Renshaw from Errigal

Sophie is Senior SDET & Team Lead at Errigal, specializing in test automation and exploratory testing. Since earning her BSc in Applied Computing and joining Errigal in 2015, she has enhanced their network management software's reliability through robust test case design and execution, as well as effective quality assurance strategies.

Tech Talk: The Journey to an Automation-First Testing Team

The use of automated testing tools is becoming more and more popular across the software development world. Errigal's ethos advocates for an automation-first approach in terms of quality & testing. We strive to cover as much testing as possible using automated tools and processes, allowing the more creative approach of exploratory testing to really shine when delivering high-quality software. But it wasn't always like this. When Sophie started in Errigal there were minimal automation tools in place, with the regression cycle of each sprint taking over a week with nearly every resource available assigned to it. Over the last number of years, Errigal has reached a place with fully automated regression cycles as well as ongoing automated testing during the sprint.

Sophie will share her experience of this journey; the goals that were set, the obstacles that were faced, the mistakes that were made, and everything else along the way that was required to reach this milestone.

Attendees will gain insight into how automated tools can help with testing efforts and how testing teams can leverage these tools to allow for more creative testing to take place.

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May 2023 - Integrating AI into Development Practices & AutoML

Waterford Treasures: Medieval Museum (Treasures of Medieval Waterford)

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