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Founded over 120 years ago, Watkins Books is the oldest esoteric bookshop in the UK. Our store is on Cecil Court in Central London and every week we host an array of top speakers in the fields of spirituality, consciousness, new thought, esoterica and wellness. All our talks are free!

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The Secret Self - Talk and signing with Christopher J Smith

Realise the power of the Secret Self and gain lasting peace, joy, freedom and Infinite Existence! How would you feel if you discovered that everything you truly wanted in life was accessible deep within you, or that all the treasures and answers to life's burning questions come from the discovery of who you really are, in the depths of your being? What if you could live in the moment without stress, worry or fear of the future, and without pain from the past? What if you could end all internal suffering and be at peace always? What if you could find the key to everlasting joy and happiness? What if you realised that you exist after death? How would that knowledge transform your entire life? Join Christopher J Smith as he answers those very questions whilst discussing his book 'The Secret Self - A Practical Guide To Spiritual Awakening And Inner Freedom'.

Astro-Herbalism with the Seed SistAs

Watkins Books

How do the art of astrology and the craft of Sensory Herbalism intermingle? As above, so below. Have you ever wondered about the connections between astrology and herbalism, the plants and planets, health and healing? Come and delve into the wonders of the connect between the Heavens and Our Earth with the Seed SistAs for a talk exploring a week of herbs – 7 herbs for 7 days. We'll be looking at each individual plant’s planetary influences, their magic and medicine and, importantly, how you can integrate this knowledge and the skills of herbalism into your daily life. Sun - Sunday - Daisy flowers Moon - Monday - Poppy Mars - Tuesday - Nettle leaf Mercury - Wednesday - Fennel seed Jupiter - Thursday - Dandelion root Venus - Friday - Rosehips Saturn - Saturday - Plantain

From the Forest to the Pavement: Foraging as a Practice and Lifestyle

Modern foraging isn't about living off the land. It's about living with the land. A mere handful of foraged blackberries or greens can empower us to think differently about what we eat and where it comes from. Foraging is a living link between our civilised and uncivilised selves. Sara Bir, author of the cookbook and foraging guide The Fruit Forager's Companion, will discuss how plantspotting in rural and urban areas can connect us not only with nature, but other people in our communities. Bir will discuss foraging ethics and safety, best practices in plant identification, and how access to public land can energise and educate.

Tori Hartman presents the Chakra Wisdom Tarot

Watkins Bookshop

Come and hear bestselling author and intuitive Tori Hartman discuss her new deck, The Chakra Wisdom Tarot. Hear her talk about it’s connection to the chakras, the unique journey of the fool throughout the cards in her tarot deck and how it links to her internationally bestselling Chakra Wisdom Oracle deck. This talk will show how you can use the core messages of Tori's original Oracle deck, intention setting, personal growth, trusting your intuition, with her new tarot, and how this will help you unlock the power of your chakras.

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