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Founded over 120 years ago, Watkins Books is the oldest esoteric bookshop in the UK. Our store is on Cecil Court in Central London and every week we host an array of top speakers in the fields of spirituality, consciousness, new thought, esoterica and wellness. All our talks are free!

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The Modern Craft - Alice Tarbuck & Claire Askew

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On 7th July Alice Tarbuck & Claire Askew will come by the shop to discuss their latest book "The Modern Craft: Powerful voices on witchcraft ethics".

In a world that often feels like it makes no sense, many people have begun to reach out to the numinous for a sense of understanding and connection. Looking back to ancient wisdom, folklore and classic texts for answers can be helpful, but sometimes without the context of the contemporary it can be hard to see how these old ways apply to the here and now. Too often, depictions of witches – and indeed some contemporary witchcraft practices – perpetuate harmful racist, colonialist and culturally appropriative narratives. Gender essentialism crops up often in witchcraft circles, and #witchgoals trends proliferated by large companies and mass media raises troubling questions about the relationship between witchcraft and capitalism. The Modern Craft is an eclectic and radical collection of essays on witchcraft practice and the ethics of magic, which gives that much-needed modern context to timeless wisdom. This is a fascinating snapshot of contemporary occult practice viewed through an intersectional lens. Essays include poets on the magic inherent in language, working-class witches on the reclamation of agency through practical spellwork, and gender fluid practitioners on the necessity of breaking down traditional hierarchies in magical symbolism. Poetic, inspiring and electrifying glimpses from the brink of contemporary craft, these essays show how anyone, no matter where they live or who they are, can find positivity and the force for powerful change in the subversive unknown.

Lars Muhl - "The Light Within the Human Heart"

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On 14th July, we are joined online by Lars Muhl, Denmark's leading spiritual teacher, for a Webinar to present his latest book "The Light within a Human Heart".

This talk will take place via Zoom at 17.30 BST (GMT +1).
To register, please use the following link:

"The Light within a Human Heart" shows you how to access your inner light and power, as well as reveal a roadmap for you to attain your own Divine Identity. It follows Lars on an inner and outer journey to the cave where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, using a metaphorical text - 'the Book of Asaph' - as a symbol for his search for spiritual enlightenment.

This book is for those who wish to attain their highest possible potential and offers a practical guide to invoking your magnificent inner light - an inner world containing multidimensional realities and endless magic, waiting for you to open the door. Turn its message into a daily practice to enter heaven on earth and remain beautifully present, whatever difficulties you face in your life. When you move, breathe and live in your inner light, you have returned home.


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