• John Siddique - The Path of Most Meaning

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    On 6th October we're excited to offer this beautiful experiential event with the much loved spiritual teacher and author John Siddique.

    In this talk and reading based on the teachings from his book "Signposts of the Spiritual Journey", you will get the opportunity to spend time with John in deep presence as we explore how your path flows from the very ground you are standing on at this moment. Discover how your own life is the perfect vehicle for you towards authentic meaning and realization. John's reading and talk will be followed by a period of Satsang (an opportunity to ask your real questions in a spirit of coming together in sacredness). Though John is one of the world's foremost meditation teachers, you will find that his rock 'n' roll spirit, authenticity, and feet on the ground wisdom make for a stunningly fresh wake up call on the path of life.

    Praise For Signposts of The Spiritual Journey

    "A true roadmap for those embarking on the spiritual path"
    Soul & Spirit Magazine

    "Part self-help, part spirituality exercise, Signposts is both introductory and thorough, welcoming and not aggressive . . . the book provides a framework for self-realization that even the most uninitiated can understand through easy but deeply thoughtful points for reflections. For those seeking guidance in their spiritual journey, or those needing an honest and kind approach to clarity,
    Signposts will be helpful at any point on the journey's path."
    Booklist Magazine - American Library Association - USA

  • Chasing the Dragons - Victor Olliver

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    On 13th October, we are happy to be joined by author and editor of The Astrological Journal, Victor Olliver who will present his latest book Chasing the Dragons: An Introduction to Draconic Astrology.

    Draconic astrology is an ancient, little-known system which sets out to identify an individual’s spiritual purpose(s) and challenges. Most people at some point ask the question: ‘What is my life purpose? What am I here for?’ Victor Olliver takes a step-by-step approach to answering these questions. He teaches you how to set up a ‘draco’ chart and interpret it, using many charts of notable people and clients (as well as his own horoscope) as working examples. Draconic is a highly versatile analytical and forecasting tool used not just in natal and mundane astrology but also with tropical transits, secondary progressions, directions, solar returns and much more. Using the North Node as the starting point, draconic discovers life themes (perhaps from past lives) often only hinted at (or absent) in the tropical chart. This book will help empower you and your clients as together we explore the soul’s intent towards self-fulfilment.

  • Secrets From A Herbalist's Garden - Jo Dunbar

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    On Thursday 20th October we're happy to be joined by herbalist and author Jo Dunbar who will present her latest book "Secrets From A Herbalist's Garden".

    "During the pandemic, surgeries closed their doors to their patients, and told them to self-isolate and take paracetamol. People became frightened and felt abandoned to cope with a virus against which there seemed no answer from mainstream medicine. Since then, there has been a groundswell of interest in plant medicine, and this book will help readers feel empowered and able to help themselves heal and thrive using tinctures, teas and other recipes, but without having to train as a medical herbalist.
    Amongst the alluring recipes are Menopause Tea, Horse Chestnut Gel and Brain Spice Condiments, and chapters include Nourishing Your Adrenals, Herbs for the Heart and Muscles and Joints. There’s a huge amount of wisdom here garnered from Jo’s 22 years of practising herbalism.

    There is nothing as magical as picking a weed from under a hedge, brewing it in the cauldron of your teapot, and using that potion to restore health. It’s everyday alchemy, and it transforms us from the base metal of material gratification into the gold of recognizing the exquisite power of nature.
    Secrets from a Herbalist’s Garden meets the pull to recover from illness or to alleviate a long-standing condition, as well as the yearning for a new way of life, where growing and harvesting herbs with the seasons is adopted as a new holistic lifestyle. You might consult the text with a specific ailment or a plant to harvest, but it would also guide you to a more spiritual and seasonal lifestyle."

  • *RESCHEDULED* Saira Hunjan - The All Seeing Heart Oracle Deck

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    On 17th November we are happy to host an event with Saira Hunjan, where she will present her brand new deck "The All Seeing Heart Oracle".

    "A gorgeous luxury deck with stunning heart illustrations by visionary artist Saira Hunjan. This is a deck like no other, with jaw-droppingly original and beautiful artwork. The hearts are protective beings or talismans, each set in a heart temple. Using these cards to activate your heart centre, you can forge a bond with the Divine and open yourself to healing and transformation. The labyrinthine doorways, steps and passages depicted on the cards indicate the potential of passing through the heart temples into new opportunities and understanding.

    Saira practises a devotional path; her practice is channelling and creating artwork, which comes with pure love straight from the Source. To bridge the gap between the physical and the metaphysical worlds, she uses meditation to reach a deep transcendent connection that allows her to translate her experiences into her unique artwork. Her aim with this deck is to pass on the love, support, strength and courageshe receives from the Divine masculine and feminine – with Shiva and Shakti. When you sit with Saira’s oracle card deck, you'll feel the cards alive and pulsating with information and potential."

  • Haleh Liza - The Poetry of Rumi

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    On Thursday 15th December, we have the pleasure of being joined by translator and musician Haleh Liza where she will present her translation of the poetic works of Rumi, entitled "GOLD".

    "Up until the age of 40, the 13th century Persian sage Rumi was chiefly known as a preacher and a man of serious and sober views. At that point, however, an encounter with the poet Shams of Tabriz left him utterly transformed. Rumi became a poet himself, a poet in singleminded pursuit of ecstatic illumination and liberation whose poetry is meant to induce a similar revelation in his audience, bringing them to a condition of serenity, compassion, and oneness with the divine. Rumi's poetry is a masterpiece of world literature to which readers in many languages continue to return for inspiration and succour as well as aesthetic delight. This new translation preserves the radical intelligence and the ecstatic drama of poems that are as full of individual character as they are of visionary wisdom."