EVOLVING FROM INDIVIDUALS TO UNIVIDUALS An astonishing leap forward in the evolution of humanity has been gradually gaining momentum, which will be profoundly accelerated by the current crisis. More and more of us are transforming from separate individuals into connected ‘unividuals’ who experience a deep unity with the universe. Tim will share some ideas and lead a meditation to help you directly experience your unividuality. Tim Freke is a philosopher and author of 35 books, translated into more than 15 languages, including a Sunday Times bestseller and Daily Telegraph 'Book of the Year'. He is one of ‘The 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People’ on the 2020 list in Watkins Magazine (# 50). He is the founder of ‘Unividualism’, which combines evolutionary science and deep spirituality to offer a visionary new understanding of the nature of reality and the purpose of life. He leads experiential Deep Awakening retreats internationally. www.timfreke.com

  • The Role of the Incubus in the Films of Alfred Hitchcock

    Watkins Books

    Writer, journalist, Hollywood interviewer and Hitchcock biographer Sandra Shevey will be joining us at Watkins Books to discuss the role of the incubus in three classic films of director Alfred Hitchcock: Psycho, Strangers on a Train and Saboteur. In 1972 Sandra Shevey conducted Hitchcock's last one-to-one interview, with the conversation spanning three hours and touching directly on issues including misogyny and sexual harassment. Sound bites of this final interview are played during Sandra's daily, award-winning three hour Alfred Hitchcock London Tour, which has been running since 1999. Sandra's talk is a part of a work in progress to result in an upcoming book on this topic. You can subscribe to Sandra's YouTube channel at sandrasheveyinterviews and book onto one of the daily Alfred Hitchcock London Tours by emailing [masked]. More information can also be found on Sandra's website: http://www.alfredhitchcockwalk.wordpress.com

  • Duchamp Versus Einstein - An Evening With Etan Ilfeld

    Watkins Books

    Watkins Books are delighted to host a very special evening with our owner Etan Ilfeld, as he joins us to talk about his debut novelette, 'Duchamp Versus Einstein'. Inspired by the real-life letters of Marcel Duchamp, Duchamp Versus Einstein is a unique and utterly compelling amalgam of art history, sci fi, and historical fiction, co-written in close collaboration with award-winning science fiction novelist Christopher Hinz. A mysterious being sets the stage for the chess match to end all chess matches, between Marcel Duchamp and Albert Einstein. Each on the cusp of their greatest contributions to mankind, the pair are plucked from their respective timelines and brought together to battle. Having pulled invisible strings to unite them, traversing space and everything in-between, this enigmatic figure pits the two against one another, and watches as the game plays out... Etan will be talking about the inspiration behind the book, giving a reading, and signing copies, available for sale from the bookshop. Etan Ilfeld is the owner of Watkins Books, the founder of the Mind Sports Olympiad, a US Chess Federation National Chess Master, and the inventor of dive chess. He has previously written 'Beyond Contemporary Art'.