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Welcome to the Web of Life Animists Meetup group.

We are Animists-We feel we are a part of Nature-All is connected

You have found your way to the meetup group Web of Life Animists in Tucson, AZ. We welcome your interest in animism (the knowing that all is connected in the sacred web of life), and practicing the intuitive arts! Almost all of our events happen at our Sanctuary in Tucson- at 2016 E Broadway Blvd.

"I truly love the Web of Life space. I always leave feeling more whole than I was before."

Here, you can join with other folks interested in having Spirit World experiences, exploring our animist heritage and sharing our experiences with each other. We explore the areas of trance, intuition, drumming, divination, energetic soul work and journeying to a drum in ways that help us explore our healing, inner peace, and connection with our inner worlds and dreaming mind.

If you become a member of this group you can view the calendar and read more about upcoming offerings, receive reminders of events and the most updated info! If and when you join this group and attend a meetup/circle offered by this group, it means you have read and agree to our "Principles of Agreement " seen below.

This group was started by Quynn Red Mountain ( http://www.quynn.com to find out about Quynn's path). Circles are offered by a number of Animist practitioners in the intuitive and wellness arts- All are friends of Web of Life who participate in circles, workshops and trainings here! Each practitioner comes with their own gifts, and their own approach to spirit world connection and wellness. Please Note: These offerings in no way are meant to replace any kind of medical or psychological treatment, and we do not profess to be "shamans".

All genders are welcome, as are people of all backgrounds, ages, genders and persuasions. Our goal is to facilitate opportunities to explore the journey, together. You can find out more about our approach at http://www.weboflifeanimists.com .

Please note: We promote these offerings in addition to listing them at this group, so listed attendance is not necessarily reflective of how many people participate.


"Raven's Eye" drawing by Elisabeth Black.

"Now, more than ever, there is a need for people to experience emotional and spiritual healing." Quynn

There are many wonderful opportunities for intuitive self-refection, soul restoration and spiritual exploration in the gatherings offered here. Once you join this group, the best way to explore is to show up to a circle that interests you. Each facilitator is kind and openhearted, with a strong skill set in their area of interest.

Happy Journeys! See you soon!,

"7 Principles of Agreement" of Web of Life Animists


1) A “circle” is any gathering/event hosted by Earth Web Media’s meetup group Web of Life ANIMISTS, no matter the venue.

2) We are all unique beings from different backgrounds, belief systems and with a variety of personal issues and sensitivities. AND- We are all responsible adults taking care of ourselves, our bodies, actions and emotions. No attendee will hold Web of Life Animists, the organizer or event organizer responsible for any miscommunication, misstep or perceived affront. By attending any circle offered through the meetup, you indicate that you agree with the statements here, as well as our Liability Release form stated HERE (http://www.meetup.com/tucson-institute-for-the-shamanic-arts/pages/RELEASE_OF_LIABILITY_AGREEMENT/).

3) We are all on our spiritual paths as self-healers. No one has the right or only answer for anyone else. This group is designed for each of us to find the right answers for ourselves. We each intend to act from our best self at all times. At no time is violence, racism, abusive language or aggression (in the physical world or through the web/phone) tolerated by anyone.

4) Words and beliefs can activate, but they can also offend. We intend that circles offer opportunities for participants to connect with their spirit world, and other like-minded people. If at any time, your buttons get pushed by someone or something said/done, we ask that you speak your issue to the event organizer. If you do not feel you can do this in a calm and appropriate manner, we ask that you leave the circle at that time. No value judgment will be waged. You may come back to another circle if you feel so inclined.

5) If such an incident does occur and it is not resolved in the circle, we ask that you bring up the issue after circle with the event organizer and meetup organizers by email. Every attempt will be made to deal with the issue peaceably.

6) A person can be removed from the meetup.com group for any reason (as stated in the agreement we all sign at meetup.com). A person may, and will, be removed from the group if conflicts/issues are not resolved in a manner that satisfies the organizer(s) and /or the participant.

7) A great deal of the beauty and power that can be experienced in a circle is the witnessing and sharing that happens in sacred space held by all. By attending a circle all participants agree that confidentiality is important, so what is shared in group, stays in group. If something is said that bothers, offends, or worries someone in such group, bring it up with event organizer and meetup organizer. Speaking about other circle participants outside of the context of the circle is a violation of their personal privacy and such an act can result in group removal.

May peace be upon you and may we always be a perfect and loving mirror for each other.


Upcoming events (5)

Restoring your Animist Heart-4 part online series

Online event

4 session Healing and Personal Decolonization Series with Quynn Red Mountain (LIVE ONLINE) Dates: 4 Saturdays- July 25 August 8 and 22, September 12 10am-11:30am P/MST Many seek heart and ancestry healing, so we can fully come home to ourselves in this world. There is much healing to do to fully decolonize our minds and hearts, and this workshop series is offered to assist in your journey of restoring your Animist (Earth honoring) Self. All ancestors through the generations have experienced trauma, and then passed it along in actions and attitudes. The more you know about why, the more you can integrate those lost, confused, doubtful, angry or sad parts so you can be at peace with your Self and be able to show up more fully in the world. What parts of you are ready to “come home” so you can more beautifully move in the direction of your “Soul’s Call”. Which ancestors who are “like you” want to be reclaimed by you? There are two general forms of Soul Loss/Wounds, experienced by many sensitive people. Multi-Generational Soul Wounds and PTSD from Trauma experienced in one’s life. Both are uniquely damaging to the human essence, and shamanic tools can assist sensitive people in healing/soothing/tending each individually or mixed with each other. Together, we contemplate and explore the subjects explored in the workshop in focus. In each live session, Quynn guides you within yourself to ask questions, set intentions, and be curious as you connect with Spiritual Teachers and Guides for answers and help you need NOW. Quynn’s drumbeats will help you part the veil, where you can see a different perspective, and ask guidance about your heart, Self, your Life, your Calling, your Healing, and your Soul. This 4 session series (every two weeks) highlights important areas related to Restoring your personal Soul and the Animist Soul of your lineage from the confines of patriarchy and monotheistic religion. The 4 live meetings (online) include guidance and ceremony regarding the subject at hand, as well as rhythmic introspective journeys, meditations and sharing to connect with one’s Ancestors for direct guidance. Session One-Listening to the Spirits of Colonization in my body Session Two-Forgiving/Balancing/Restoring my Mother and Father Lines Session Three-Reconnecting with the non-human People in my life Session Four-Reanimating my Guiding Matrilineal Ancestresses and Goddesses Each session is recorded for anyone who must miss one or more of the sessions. ~Quynn Red Mountain is your Guide~ Quynn was taught by her Spirit Guides how to journey and connect within, and now helps others connect with their Spirit World in their unique way. Requested donation is $10-20 per session. If $10 is too much due to under or unemployment, offer what you can. You can send digital support to @earthwebmedia in venmo or [masked] in paypal. RSVP to see link.

Web of Life Animist Gathering-Zoom and FB Live

Online event

Our Animist Gathering is where Animists and Earth honoring People can receive synchronistic messages and supportive self-care during the time of challenge, inequity and evolution. It is also a time to gather to share prayers of support and spells of protection for all who are supporting the movement of racial equity. Animism is described as one of humanity's oldest ways of understanding, rooted in the knowledge that everything has a life force and we are all interconnected. What we now call Animism can look a million ways, yet we know we are connected. Corona Virus is a deep teacher about our humanness and our part in our web of life. Web of Life Ministers share their gifts with you through meditation journeys, channeled messages, spirit healing, storytelling, music, voice, divination and fellowship. Together we strengthen our Animist connections while tending to our Soul's needs. Our time together will take place from 1-2pm MST in zoom, either video or audio only, your choice. We will stream the service to Web of Life Animists fb page. You do not need to speak, listening is welcome. The Web of Life Church Animist Gathering is offered through your generous donations. During the times of Covid, this circle is offered by requested donation of $0-$20. If you are working or have an income, thank you for your donation, which helps support Web of Life. You can send digital support to @earthwebmedia in venmo or [masked] in paypal. Enter the room at start time To join the Zoom meeting: 1. Download Zoom Cloud Meeting from Google play on phone, or on computer. Free. 2. Click the link to join the room. 3. Once in the call, click the camera icon to add the video. Click the mic icon to unmute audio. 4. Please mute yourself upon entering to minimize background noise . Unmute for your sharing. Clicking on the microphone icon will allow you to mute and unmute yourself. Earth Web Media's Web of Life Church is a religious non-profit (Animist "church") . You can find out more about EWM at https://weboflifeanimists.com/earth-web-media/

The Artist's Way for the New World-An Online Series

Online event

The time is now. The world is going to be radically different going forward, and in this time of upheaval, we will need people who can think creatively. Creative people stepped up during lockdown. Perhaps you've seen all the art on social media--classes and performances galore, people making masks, making memes, and 3D-printing ventilator parts. Now's the time to use our creativity to imagine the new world, a world of peace, justice, accountability. Where we dismantle outdated structures, and build a new society. To do this, we need to dismantle the notion that says creativity is only for the talented. Unleash your inner artist, musician, writer, crafter, dancer, singer....and let your genius nurture and inform the important work you do, going forward. "Practicing an art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow."--Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Join me for a 13-week online circle, using Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. I've been using TAW since 1993 when it appeared on the shelf of my small town bookstore, and can vouch for its effectiveness. It has gotten me unstuck a number of times over the years. In this online gathering, will hold a space for play and gentle exploration. Now is a good time to reinvent yourself. "The tools of The Artist’s Way, which have been working for several decades in 'regular times,' are also tools that will work for us in our current, 'irregular' times.The tools are aimed at unlocking creativity. They give us a sense of optimism, they give us a sense of adventure, and they help to fight the claustrophobia that many of us may be feeling."-- Julia Cameron,[masked] “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.” --Audre Lorde Your host and guide is Valerie Kravette. a lifelong artist, SoulCollage(R) facilitator, Color of Woman(R) Teacher and Intentional Creativity(R) coach, as well as an animist minister with Tucson's Web of Life Animist Church. This 13 week series is offered through Zoom by donation. Direct Message Valerie with questions and to register for all or part. (Series runs June 27th-Sept 19th, 2020.)

Neon Gnosis: Exploring Inner Worlds in the Digital Age-thru Zoom

This circle is hosted at 6pm EST / 3pm P/MST Neon gnosis is a weekly online gathering where we will explore our inner worlds through Animistic practices. We live in an age where information and content are everywhere. Most places we go, there is an overwhelming amount of information forced upon us. It can be hard to know when our intuition is speaking to us or if we are being influenced by an external force. There are practices and methods we can use to go inward; to help us see more clearly where we are at, what we need and helpful ways to act for ourselves and the world. Together we will learn to listen more deeply to the wisdom within us and to learn which external voices are worth paying attention to. With the aide of the powerful helper that is Rhythm, we will Journey inward to a realm known by many names – Spirit World, Imaginative Mind, Dream Space, Psychedelic Realm etc. In this state, we can connect with Intuition, Archetypal Forces, Ancestors, Symbolic Deities, Nature Spirits or our Higher Selves. By connecting to these forces, we can honor them, and they can reveal to us valuable lessons from places deep within ourselves and beyond. In addition to Rhythm Journeying, we will engage with Meditation, Prayer, and the sharing of our experiences with one another in group. These things help us integrate and solidify the revelations we may have while Journeying. My name is Cody. I will be your host and ally for Neon Gnosis. I have been training as an Animist Practitioner for about 2.5 years. I have received training from Quynn Red Mountain through Web of Life Animist Church as a Soul Medic and as a DNA Warrior. I am currently training as a Spirit Bridge. I have been guided to this path by many life circumstances as well as both human and non-human entities who have given me training and initiations for offering these practices. More recently, I have been receiving guidance to offer my experience as an Animist Practitioner, to anyone who feels called to engage in this type of work. We are all unique beings and we all experience wisdom and guidance in unique ways. Now is the time for us to go inward and find our unique ways of honoring the Earth, all of her inhabitants, and the spirits that reside here. *This group is offered by donation. The requested donation is $5-15. Offer what you can. (A donation is not necessary to join)* Email me for the entry link [masked]

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