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Is there Love after Death? a Pop-up Death Salon

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Valerie K.
Is there Love after Death? a Pop-up Death Salon


Mid-February we are focused (by candy makers, florists and card manufacturers) on expressions of love--which can seem heavy and cruel if we have lost our beloved to death. In other times, our ancestors appreciated and honored the departed beloved through monuments, apparel, jewelry, photography, and other keepsakes. What happens to our most intimate relationships when Death intervenes?

The centerpiece of our circle is a drum journey to commune with the spirits of our ancestors and our personal mortality, and see what messages we can bring back to ease the process of living. As we befriend Death, we can see it is our faithful companion, and not to be feared. Use this time to contemplate your mortality, or your grief, and speak with like-minded individuals.

As usual, although there's a theme, it's a freewheeling conversation, and all thoughts about death and dying are welcome.

You may join with video, or audio only.

I'm Valerie K, an animist minister with the Web of Life Church in Tucson, artist and coach.

This circle is offered by donation. Requested donation of $3-$20 but no one is turned away. Donations can be sent to Venmo: valerie.kravette
DM me for the link. Your donation helps support the Web of Life Animist Church in Tucson, AZ and online. We very much appreciate it.

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