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League of Lightbearers

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Dorothea N.
League of Lightbearers


This Group Meets Online for One Hour on the 4th Saturday of Every Month starting at 1 pm MST. (12 pm PST/1 pm MST/2 pm CST/3 pm EST)

Lightbearers are those who choose to become spiritual lighthouses. We acknowledge the light within and broadcast it to all who live in fear. We face our own fears and use our light in Divine Alchemy to clear, heal, restore, transmute and transform.

Lightbearers are spiritual warriors who have the courage to envision the New World in the midst of the present chaos that surrounds us. We are a clan of Metaphysical Super Heroes who have banded together to heal our broken hearts. We are all connected on our beloved Mother Gaia, Mother Earth.

As a group, we concentrate our power of intention to create and focus a precise emotional/spiritual state within ourselves. Doing so literally nurtures and influences the electromagnetic matrix that we call the Web of Life. We were made for this challenge. All open-hearted people are welcome.

“If we can light the darkness with words of compassion & wisdom to dissolve ignorance, our journey becomes a healing adventure for everyone. “ – Alex Grey

Hosted by Maestra Dorothea Nobile, MSW
Animist Minister, Metaphysical Pastor, Pastoral Counselor

We meet online on the 4th Saturday of every month from 1-2 pm MST.

Join us at this link:
Please mute yourself upon entering to minimize background noise.

Offered by donation.
PayPal:, Venmo: @Dorothea-Nobile

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Web of Life Animists
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