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Nature's Labyrinths-Guided Live Online Drum Meditations w/ Jacob

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Nature's Labyrinths-Guided Live Online Drum Meditations w/ Jacob


Travel through time and myth with Jacob (our labyrinth maker) to explore the archetypes and powers of Other than Human (animals, trees, water etc) labyrinths of the Earth, on the ground, in the air and under our feet.

During this time of isolation, we will connect with a different Nature Being each week.

We open our circle with a prayer for the health and wellness for all. Then, Jacob will share a rhythmic story about the paths of life (THEIR LABYRINTH) and then share a drum journey for wisdom from our Nature friend. We live with each of these wise ones, let's listen to their messages.

This is an Audio Only Online event.

During April and May, this circle is offered by requested donation of $0-$20. If you are working or have an income, thank you for your donation, which helps support Web of Life. You can send digital support to @earthwebmedia in venmo or in paypal.

Enter the room at start time

To join the Zoom meeting:

  1. Download Zoom Cloud Meeting from Google play on phone, or on computer. Free.
  2. Click the link to join the room.
  3. Once in the call, click the camera icon to add the video. Click the mic icon to unmute audio.
  4. Please mute yourself upon entering to minimize background noise . Unmute for your sharing. Clicking on the microphone icon will allow you to mute and unmute yourself.
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