Building ÐApps #01: Solidity Smart Contracts for Beginners

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A decentralized app or "ÐApp", is a software application that runs on a distributed computing system such as the Ethereum blockchain. As opposed to traditional centralized applications, where the frontend talks to APIs and datastores running on centralized servers, a ÐApp talks to smart contracts on decentralized blockchains.

Web3 Singapore is a learning community for folks interested in ÐApp development. No experience necessary - bring your machine and get ready to #BUIDL.

----- Meetup Agenda

In our second session, we'll learn the basics of the Solidity smart contract language and deploy your very first contract on the Ethereum blockchain!

The session will involve:
- A presentation introducing the Solidity smart contract language, and
- Live coding of an example contract where participants can follow along.

* Recap of the previous session on DApps, Blockchains, and Ethereum
* History of Smart Contracts
* The Solidity programming language
* Language basics: Types, Variables, Mappings, Structs, Functions
* Toolchains, Bytecode, ABI, EVM
* Smart Contract Development Philosophy
* Hands-On: Write your first smart contract!

In the next session, we'll jump into more advanced features of the Solidity programming language and learn more about deployments and development tools.

----- About the Speaker

Yos is a blockchain developer experienced in writing smart contracts and building decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain. He is passionate about decentralized technologies and started Web3 Singapore to build a community for developers in the space.

----- Schedule

6.30pm: Doors open

6.50pm: Start of session, opening address by hosts

7.00pm: Start of scheduled talks

8:30pm: End of event

----- Sponsors

Thank you to SGInnovate for hosting our meetup!

----- Information for Attendees

Please bring your ID to get through building security.