WebRTC Boston #5 - real time voice, video, & data for any developer

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WebRTC Boston
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A lot has happened since the last WebRTC Boston - Apple has added support for WebRTC in Safari and iOS, WebRTC 1.0 is a W3C Candidate Recommendation (meaning the spec is done), and the tech has well over 500M monthly active users across hundreds of popular apps.

We'll get together in the new year once again at Google Cambridge. We will discuss the latest updates on this technology, hear insights from local practitioners, and network with fellow experts and enthusiasts.

- What’s New with WebRTC - Chad Hart of webrtcHacks will give an industry update and talk about -
Safari & iOS support
- WebRTC in Education - Chris Kelley of Competentum
- Face detection & AR with Live Video - Chris Allen of the live streaming platform Red5 will discuss their approach
- Optimizing Voice Communications - Kris Hopkins of Clique API
- Possibly 1 more

Sponsored by YouTube, Google, and Competentum.

Co-hosted with the Google Developers Group - Boston (https://www.meetup.com/gdg-boston/) and New England Software Engineers (NESE) (https://www.meetup.com/new-england-engineers/). For those of you that are new to WebRTC, it is a rapidly developing standard, open source platform, and developer movement bringing real time communications to the web, mobile apps, and connected devices with just a few web API’s.

Entrance into the Google building requires that your register with your full name. If you don't register with your full name building security will not let you enter the building. If you are registered on Meetup with just part of your name or an alias please provide your full name via the questionnaire or by messaging me directly.