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Wellington.js is a meet up for those interested in all things JavaScript. Client side, server side, we love it all!

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Rachel Collingridge and Sarah Jayne on teamwork and learning

Rachel Collingridge Making teamwork work Humans are constantly working in teams, whether consciously or not. It's pretty obvious that your sports team is a team! But have you thought of your family like that? Your rock band, clarinet quartet or choir? A committee that you sit on? The people you work with? I'll theorize about what makes a team great with the aim of getting you to think about your own interactions and contributions, and what changes you might make for better outcomes in any group. Bio A classically trained musician, I was accidentally drawn into software development 20 years ago and am still enjoying myself too much to get back to music. Most of my IT career has been spent crafting code until moving into leadership a few years back. Now I build high performing delivery teams and coach engineers in growing their careers and happiness. Outside of the office, I enjoy trail running with Jasper the rescue dog, and an occasional toot on a saxophone or clarinet. Sarrah Jayne Software development is a learning journey, open your mind A career as a software developer is a journey of lifelong learning. But how does that happen? How can you set the conditions for learning and growth? Let's explore how to hack your own learning and to how to create an environment conducive to growth. Bio I am all about human connection and communication, it is at the heart of everything that I do. I envisage a future where people thrive through the work they do and what they can contribute to the world. I have developed and taught the Human Skills programme within Enspiral Dev Academy since 2015 and have assisted the personal growth and learning of hundreds of students. I seek to empower others to use the tools available to them to create the changes in their work culture necessary to thrive. I do this through group training and one to one coaching.

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