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Wellington.js is a meet up for those interested in all things JavaScript. Client side, server side, we love it all!

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How to slash complexity in your daily work by Rafael Nami

This talk is about how to apply clean code and declarative programming to the tasks that most projects/systems tend to create accidental complexity - data wrangling. We will have examples and live refactorings on how to simplify code complexity of software development in Javascript, by using declarative, point free, data-first programming instead of duplicated, complex, Object Oriented, imperative programming. It will become evident how a software project can be "read and understood" through the code due to complexity levels, code duplication and tech debt - external pressures molding the code, resulting in complex solutions, creating tech debt and putting projects/products into jeopardy. Software engineer, mentor, consultant and "coding architect". Rafael Nami is the "down in the trenches" type of guy, building successful teams, leveraging continuous improvement in every part of the process, to enhance value creation and reduce waste. On the tech side, my real passion lies between () - Clojure and Clojurescript - but I love Java and Javascript too.

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Svelte/Sapper by Charles Munat


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