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WRAP® is a self-designed, personalized wellness process that helps to manage a person’s stress, mental health and life issues. WRAP® has been studied extensively in rigorous research projects, and is listed in the US National Registry of Evidence-based Programs and Practices.

WRAP® will empower you to:

• Incorporate five key concepts of recovery (hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy, and support) into one’s daily life.
• Create and organize a list of wellness tools, including activities to help the person feel better when they are experiencing health difficulties.
• Develop an advance directive that allows for family members or other supporters to help when the need for external help arises.
• Formulate a post-crisis plan to promote a return to overall health and wellness.
Numerous research studies have shown the effectiveness of the WRAP® approach, where WRAP® participants have shown significant improvements in several important areas:

• Reduction in severity and number of symptoms of mental challenges
• Increased feelings of hopefulness
• Increased personal confidence
• Greater willingness to ask for help
• Better goal orientation
• Greater freedom from symptom domination
• Better overall physical and mental health

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