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What we’re about

We are soccer enthusiasts striving to organize competitive but friendly soccer games on a drop in basis to eliminate commitments that are needed for leagues.

Different organizers schedule competitive but friendly games around the SF Bay Area.

It's easy to join our soccer community and meet other footballers, come by yourself, with friends or a whole team. For most games we form random teams as players show up to the game.

Join our Meetup group for free, it keeps you informed about upcoming sessions, allows you to communicate with other players and RSVP for games. After you registered you will automatically receive game invitations via email.

To play in any of our games RSVP for the game(s) you want to play in and show up 15 min early for a guaranteed spot, after that it becomes first come first serve! 
No commitment is involved, the cost/contribution is between 0- $20 per event - the fees go towards equipment purchases/maintenance, organizer traveling expenses, Meetup dues, field permits etc.

Game time is at least 1 hour but might be more or less depending on venue/day/time, every session is supervised by an organizer and includes game balls, cones, goals, scrimmage vests for every player, and lots of playing time.

Each organizer is responsible for securing field permits, player sign in, setup & balance teams if necessary, provide equipment, field/goal setup and game supervision.

The game setup varies on different days, but we mostly play 7v7, 8v8, or 9v9, sometimes we rotate teams and allow subs depending on numbers. Most venues we utilize have an artificial grass surface, we recommend cleats, flats, or turf shoes, shin guards are not mandatory but recommended. Some games are with referees but most games are not.

Each game needs a min. of 15 RSVP'S in order to be viable or 8 players need to be present to play after 10min of the scheduled time. If a game is not viable after 15min of the scheduled time the event will be canceled and everyone receives a full refund. If you RSVP for a game and decide not to show up or cancel within 5 hours of game time no refunds will be issued.

West Coast Soccer is not affiliated with a club or any organization but sometimes we help promote teams and leagues per request.

If you are interested to hold an event, host a game(s), advertise your event, or promote your league to our community please reach out to us via the app.

Happy Footballing!

By joining and being a member of this group you acknowledge that your participation in any NorCal Soccer (NCS) event(s) is voluntary. You agree to assume all the risks and responsibilities surrounding such participation and do hereby fully and forever waive, release and discharge NCS and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents (collectively, the “Releasees”) from any and all liabilities, demands, claims, damages, losses, costs (including attorneys’ fees), actions and causes of action (known or unknown) arising out of or related in any way with the undersigned’s participation in NCS events or presence at any NCS events at any time, including, but not limited to, any claim whatsoever on account of first aid or service rendered to the undersigned during Norcal Soccer events. This release is intended to discharge in advance the Releasees and all other parties and properties related with NCS events from liability to the full extent allowable under applicable laws, EVEN THOUGH LIABILITY MAY ARISE OUT OF NEGLIGENCE OR CARELESSNESS ON THE PART OF THE PERSONS OR ENTITIES MENTIONED ABOVE.