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A group for photographers of all levels from novice to pro. We are about meeting up and sharing some fun & learning with our cameras! A big part of our focus will be on taking your camera and using full manual mode with studio portrait learning & practise. Over a number of weeks you will have the opportunity to become confident in using pro lighting to take great pictures. We will take lighting outside for street photography also with a professional model.

I have really enjoyed being a part of this group, where in an informal setting a group of friendly photographers share learning & experience with each other in a non judgemental way. The positive atmosphere encourages photographers from novice onwards to feel comfortable about their current level wherever that is, ask questions and receive help getting to their next level. This is practical, hands on and about trying new things you could not do on a formal course. You can really see the progress from one meetup to the next. This is about hands on practical learning, the type you get from sharing experience with photographers, rather than from a book. It's about you helping to shape what we do and I will be asking you what you want to try out. It's also about sharing good company! See you there!

Don't forget we also have a discussion forum, which presents opportunities to discuss all sorts of photography issues, swap notes and ask for guidance from other members. Check it out from the Discussions link on the home page.

We now also have a Facebook group, which acts as a forum for attendees to complement this site. You can apply to join here:


I am Mark Kenwood. I am a self taught professional photographer. You can see my work here: www.wetakegreatpictures.com. You can also follow me on Facebook & Twitter (links via the website or FB search "wetakegreatpictures" and Twitter @WeTakeGreatPics). If you visit FB and like my images please do like my page!

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Barn Studios with lake and woodland



We are delighted to be returning to this special venue with exclusive access to a working farm! This includes a catered lunch inside one of several barns we have at our disposal for the whole day. We will also have access to large farm grounds and fields beyond if dry. In the afternoon we plan to repair to a new and lovely location with lake and woodland for some fab natural surroundings and backdrops for our models. There are lovely farm exteriors and backdrops for all of our models through the day! We will have access to no less than THREE barn areas to shoot in, so even if the weather is not fair we will have plenty of shooting opportunities under cover! 😁 We have a barn with lighting and natural light. There is a large hay barn with bales with mains lighting as well. And a third straw barn also with mains power. There is plenty of natural light too, with access to tractors and farm machinery. You may see some field mice in the barns too! (NB If you want to bring some lighting there will therefore be some opportunities to set up your own lights - please just contact me well BEFOREHAND so that we can book you in and make the necessary arrangements) 😉 It is a fab location for a photoshoot and was hugely enjoyed by the group last time. So as mentioned included we will again provide a light lunch (guaranteed for those who RSVP at least 3 days before). If you wish to bring a guest please let me know beforehand as well. This will include a buffet with sandwiches & salad, sausage rolls, pork pie, as well as jaffa cakes (well it is a Meetup tradition!) and tea & coffee through the day. We will have professional models and MUAs to provide your cameras with some wonderful chic beauty fashion looks. We may have some individual cosplay and possibly some Steampunk too. Look out for updates on looks here and on our Facebook group page! We will be shooting with pro strobe lighting and natural light and we recommend bringing your own flash. So we have an exciting range of looks again for us to expand our portfolios and learn to capture new looks. I will be updating both here and on our Facebook page as the creative looks are developed for you! We are aiming for several MUAs and models with a number confirmed already. This should ensure that we are above our published ratio of 1:5 photographers and our preferred ratio of 1:4 (Last time was again at 1:2!) We will have some regular & new models again so there should be lots of shooting time as usual! The event start time is 1130am and we will introduce you to the site, the cows, bulls and donkey. There is free parking direct at the venue. We hope to have some posing of models with horses like last time all being well and there are some really nice stabling backdrops. We are a friendly group as you will see from previous feedback and all levels of photography experience are welcomed. I will be sharing some tips and there will be attendee PDF handouts afterwards as usual in our online cloud resource. The venue facilities and portfolio photography permit are factored into the cost along with professional fees, kit, many costumes, props & indemnity insurance etc. The fee for the 5.5 hour session is £45 which is terrific value! All models will sign release forms which permit you to use your pictures afterwards (portfolio shoot). Previous images have won awards & competitions and been published internationally. After discussion with attendees I have decided like most Meetups that I need to collect at least some of the fee up front. At the moment this is just a deposit of £15 rather than the full amount. There is a refund policy including up to 7 days beforehand so please read this on RSVP. Please note therefore that the initial fee of £15.75 is a DEPOSIT to secure your place. The full cost for this event is just £45 with the balance due at the event. This amount to RSVP 'Yes' is a deposit of £15 and a Paypal transactional fee of £0.75p. (If you wish to pay the balance by PAYPAL it is £31-25). We want to get you used to setting a DSLR to full manual mode and controlling the light for your images. Bring along your own gear as we feel it's best to really get to know your equipment as part of improving your own photography. Please note that as always you are responsible for your own kit so be careful where you leave it. N.B. Changes to the line-up may have to be made due to circumstances beyond our control. We will use: • Lencarta Superfast studio strobes, portable Atom 360s & Safari 2 pro strobes & trigger/receivers (your camera will need a hotshoe to use the triggers) • Light modifiers - soft boxes, umbrellas, beauty dish, Light meter, colour passport Mark

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