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Develop Your Public Speaking Skills While Having Fun!
People Who Get Ahead In Life Are Those Who Can Communicate Effectively. Wouldn't You Like To Develop This Priceless Skill? Now You Can!” Come to our upcoming meeting and Get on The Road to Becoming The Best Speaker in Your Neck of the Woods! Develop your public speaking skills in a Fun, Warm, Friendly and Enthusiastic environment. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “All great speakers were bad speakers at first”. Emerson was right because great speakers are not born; they are made! But in order to transform yourself into a great speaker you have to show up! Woody Allen said it best. "80 percent of success is just by showing up. " West Side Talkers is a vibrant toastmasters club that's creative and thinks out-of-the-box. Over the years we have incorporated additional valuable segments that we offer at our club which have been added on top of the already great Toastmasters model. CLICK HERE to see what others are saying about West Side Talkers ( At West Side Talkers you will experience everything that a toastmasters club can offer and MORE! At our club, our members do speeches and we provide constructive evaluations, and we host table topics, thought of the day, word of the day, etc. (These are all part of the Toastmasters model)We take all the great things that are in the Toastmasters program and we take it up a few notches (well maybe more than a few!) so that we can bring more value to our members and guests. Below are the ADDITIONAL ITEMS that we have incorporated into our meeting agenda which add more value to our members speaking development. (not part of the Toastmasters model) SPEAKING TIP Where you will pick up a valuable Speaking Tip by a Certified World Class Speaking coach which you can immediately use in your very next speech. IMPROV COMEDY As a member of West Side Talkers we take you through "actual" improv exercises to help you develop your emotional expressiveness, characterizations, and your spontaneity in your speaking more quickly and efficiently. Improv can help you FAST TRACK your speaking development and do it WHILE HAVING FUN! COMMERCIAL MINUTE IF you were asked at a networking luncheon to get up and talk for 60 seconds about your business and what you do, would you be able to do it effectively? As a member of West Side Talkers we can help you learn how to deliver effective 60 second commercials. Please contact us via email if you have any questions about our exciting program. At our “West Side Talkers” Toastmasters public speaking meetings we encourage people to challenge themselves and get up and speak. However, we do not force anyone to do so. You can learn a lot by just attending our meetings. By just coming to our meeting you have made an initial step towards challenging your fears...!!! So whether you just want to conquer your fear of public speaking or you want to become a Champion Speaker – “West Side Talkers” will help you get there! If you have ever been to other Toastmasters public speaking clubs, at West Side Talkers, you will experience a Toastmasters club like no other. Come To Our Next West Side Talkers Meeting and Experience it For Yourself! When: Thursday October 25th ,[masked]:00pm - 9:00pm Where: The Jewish Center 131 West 86th Street, 10th floor (between Columbus and Amsterdam) New York, NY 10024 Cost: $6 (this helps cover our overhead) Pay at Door or Pay online By CLICKING HERE ( Reservation is Required! Please RSVP to ([masked] or [masked])

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    When you come to West Side Talkers, You Don't Just Get A Toastmasters Public Speaking Club, You get An Experience!

    At West Side Talkers You get A One-Stop-Shop For All Your Public Speaking Needs.

    Our comprehensive program at West Side Talkers is designed to help you develop your public speaking skills, more quickly and efficiently. - And all this while having Fun! Here is a quick snapshot of what we do at West Side Talkers that is an enhancement of our Toastmasters program. (No other Toastmasters club typically includes this in their program.)

    1. Public Speaking Tip of The Day:

    Our public speaking tip is given by Lewis Roth ( who is the founder of our club and is also a Certified World Class Public Speaking Coach. In this segment you will discover new speaking tips that you can immediately implement in your very next speech.

    2. Commercial Minute:

    This part of our program helps you develop your 60 second "elevator speech." As a former member of a renowned professional networking group, Lewis Roth ( has created over 100 unique 60 second commercials for his business. At West Side Talkers You get to learn from a World Class Speaker and coach on how to create your very own unique 60 second commercials.

    3. Improv Comedy: (

    This is one of the hottest parts of our club meeting! As advanced improvisers, Lewis Roth and Sam Higgins bring their experience from the world of theater to help you develop your spontaneity, your emotions and characterization to help you become a public speaker that captivates and engages their audience. We actually do "real" improv at our club meetings!

    The three items listed above, you will not typically find at any other Toastmasters Club. At West Side Talkers we do everything that the Toastmasters program has to offer: (Prepared Speeches, Evaluations, Table Topics, Word of the Day and more.) But we don't stop there, we go above and beyond!

    Come To Our Next West Side Talkers Meeting and Experience it For Yourself!

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