Baby's First Massage: Individual class using lifelike baby doll


Infant massage has been proven to provide many benefits to the entire family. One of Suli’s skills is as a certified and insured Baby’s First Massage® instructor. She is available for individual and family appointments to teach you how to give a massage to an infant in your care. No real babies are used in class, only life like baby dolls, named Brian and Nicole.

Babies who receive massage can experience: Better performance on neurological assessment scales; Better sleep/wake behaviors; Greater sooth-ability; Improved growth and development; Improved relaxation and release of accumulated stress; Strengthened digestive, circulatory and gastrointestinal systems; Reduced discomfort from teething, congestion, gas, colic and emotional stress; Improved muscle tone coordination; Reduced blood pressure; Improved overall health. Families who share in infant massage can experience: Stronger bonding and attachment between parent and baby; Improved ability of the parent to read infant cues; Increased confidence in parenting; Increased communication between baby and parent; Strengthened parenting skills; Stronger family foundation through understanding, positive communication, and touch.

In a Baby’s First Massage® class, you will learn: How to understand early infant communication; Effective comforting techniques; Techniques to aid babies healing process after birth; Adapting touch so it is gentle enough yet gives very powerful benefit to a little newborn.

A gift certificate for Baby’s First Massage® class is an excellent baby shower gift.

We have set aside the following times dedicated to appointments for this class, but if you would like some other date and time, we can find a mutually agreeable time and book an appointment then for you.

July 14, July 21, Aug 11 ,Sep 15, Sep 15, Sep 22, Oct 6, Nov 10, Nov 17, Dec 15
Call to arrange an appointment or drop in to pick up a gift certificate. The $55.00 course fee covers one or two caregivers for the same fee.

These are individual and private appointment classes, so please call first to make an appointment for you and the child's other caregiver. If you would like to do this class at some other ate and time, we can find a mutually good time and make an appointment for you.