Visual Storytelling Studies – Session 1: The Return

Royal Festival Hall

South Bank Centre SE1 8XX · London

How to find us

We'll be on the fifth floor of South Bank. There'll be a handy sign (and probably lots of comics) if you're unsure who we are!

Location image of event venue


After a hiatus, the Visual Storytelling Studies (VSS) group is finally returning as me (Chloe) and Elsbeth are taking over the group!

This session is going to be an introductory session. Everyone will be able to introduce themselves, share what they would like to get out of the group, and we may have a fun writing/drawing exercise to do as well.

If you would like to share what you want to learn about visual storytelling before coming along, add it to this padlet:

About Visual Storytelling Studies (VSS)

VSS is a monthly meetup of comic-makers and visual storytellers studying the craft of drawn narratives, graphic novels, and comics.

We're a collective learning group with the goal of improving our skills and techniques together through plenty of practice, research, and feedback.

Each time we'll pick a fundamental skill or aspect of visual storytelling to focus on.

Using learning resources from leaders in the comics field like Scott McCloud, Will Eisner, & Nicholas Sousanis, we'll explore different techniques and methods for exploring these aspects in our own work.

During the meetup we'll do a mix of practice exercises and discussions based around the weekly topic.

This group is open to everyone, but being a very practical learning-focused bunch, we need members who have a bit of time to spend on the weekly assignments.

We ask that members have roughly 1-2 hours per week set aside to do the assignments. Ideally spending more than 2 hours will help improve your rate of learning. But we know there are limits to the time-space continuum, and it's hard to fit all the complexities of human life into a perfect schedule.

This group will be meeting on the 1st Sunday of the month.