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WIP Comics (or Work in Progress Comics, to give it it’s full name) is a group made to help aspiring artists, writers and comic creators move their ideas and projects forward. We meet once a month to discuss what we’re all currently working on, give and receive feedback and constructive criticism on our work, bounce ideas off each other for new projects, do drawing exercises to flex our creative muscles, and generally chat about the process of making comics and zines.

All skill and experience levels are welcome, from complete beginners to established creators, and our intention is to support each other and create an environment where we can offer and ask for advice without judgement. Everyone has a different style, and there is no single ‘correct’ way to draw, write or tell a story, so we actively encourage a variety of different approaches and people coming from different backgrounds. Whether you want to make a sci-fi, fantasy, superhero, comedy, slice-of-life, autobiographical or any other kind of comic then we’d love to see it and help you get to a point where you’re happy with it.

This variety of attendees also means we can offer a nice wide selection of advice and experience. This can cover anything from how best to approach developing a character to ideas for page layouts to how to draw movement to technical aspects like scanning and printing. We also encourage people to work together when it benefits them, so if you’re a writer looking for an artist or vice-versa then hopefully you’ll find someone to collaborate with.

The group was established by Michal Ingram in July 2011, and was originally known as the 'Graphic Novels and Comics, Critique and Collaboration Meetup'. It’s gone through various iterations and different organisers, but all with the core idea of helping each other make work we’re proud of. Over the years many people have forged creative partnerships and workshopped ideas with the group that have gone on to become fully realised projects.

We’re a very friendly, laid-back and welcoming group, and apart from advice and feedback then our Meetups are also a great way to meet like-minded people and just hang out to talk about comics.

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