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If you are looking for a place to meet other like-minded professionals who want to learn more about how to start, run or operate their business more efficiently; or write and publish a book we are here for you. What you’ll find in this group:

• Training. As a member of the Women Success Builders’ Club you'll receive the latest training on growing and marketing your business, book, product or service both online and off.

• Community. The building of relationships is incredibly important to success. This is a BIG part of our membership and we create events that inspire connection and build sisterhoods.

• Accountability. We all know how tough it can be to keep motivated and maintain focus; especially if you are trying to do a launch or host a startup. That's why accountability is built right into the events and training we host.

The Women Success Builders Club is a part of WomenSuccessClub.com (http://womensuccessclub.com). The aim of WomenSuccessClub.com (http://womensuccessclub.com) is to promote sisterhood and to elevate women up in a society that still judges us by our looks and ability to land “rich husbands.” We are professional women who achieve levels of success in business, the arts, and STEM industries and we make no apologies for it. The WomenSuccessClub.com (http://womensuccessclub.com) is not about business; it’s about the social. We also plan and host Ladies Night Out events. We get together and share a good meal; a glass of wine; indulge in some decadent fun or just grab a brew and go bowling. Whatever strikes us. There are planned excursions, women only adventure travel events and weekenders to just hang with the females and let the males in our lives mind the kids for a change. So if you are ready to find some true friendships and have fun doing it visit WomenSuccessClub.com (http://womensuccessclub.com) and petition to join.

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Beyond Candy & Flowers Series: How to Get Your Partner to Romance You Back

You feel your relationship is suffering a little and you think both of you aren’t on the same wavelength anymore. You think the relationship is worth saving, but you don’t know how to bridge the gap between you both to rebuild the intimacy you desire. If you feel the relationship is worth saving and worth the effort to get it to grow, there are some things you can do in order to heal the wounds and move forward together as a strong couple. Join in tonight and learn the secrets to getting romanced back.

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