Denver: Data Processing w/ Dr. Kat Chuang

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We are very excited to have Dr. Chuang flying in from NYC for this talk!

Ask not just what data your computer can track -- ask what you can do with tangible data. I invite you to take a journey with me thru an application of coding to help form new habits. I will show you how you can turn data into informational graphics that can transform your ability to self-assess. We will walk thru the process step by step, from the initial brainstorming steps, thru processing raw JSON data from Facebook's Graph API, to visualizing it with seaborn, a Python visualization library based on matplotlib.

This talk is designed to be beginner friendly, so you do not need to have experience with coding. The code shown in this demonstration will be in Python. It is not a workshop but you are welcome to bring your laptop to follow along during code demonstrations. If you choose to do this, please have Python 3 and the dependences (jupyter notebook, matplotlib, numpy, and seaborn) installed before the workshop and have a personal, local copy of JSON data from the api (to sidestep potential wifi issues). A pared down example of how to do this was written on my blog. (Link: )

Dr. Kat Chuang

Dr. Kat is an academic turned product designer, specializing in creating apps geared for complexity management and automated analytics reporting. She lives in NYC and often speaks ( and writes ( design, code, and scientific methods.


6:00-6:30 - Mingle, Eat/Drink, and Welcome/Housekeeping

6:45 - Presentation

Parking Suggestions

A block or so north on that same side of the road is a lot that allows cheaper parking after 6pm (I think either $2 or $4 for the evening). Before 6pm it is employee parking.

There is also street parking in the Highland neighborhood across the bridge or at the nearby park. There are plenty of 2 hour street parking, but there should also be spots for longer than that if you can find them.

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