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There are No Criers Here & Livable Code

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Tricia Spoonts (, Lead Designer at Rimeto, presents:

"There are No Criers Here"

Have you ever been in a work situation where you just couldn't hold back the tears or tempered your emotions because you wanted to maintain your work persona? This session will address the touchy subject of emotions in the workplace. You'll hear all about the negative impacts of emotions in the workplace and learn why you shouldn't care. You'll learn how to stop feeling terrible when you cry at the office and how to celebrate a victory when you have one. Together we will redefine strength and weakness and learn to thrive emotionally.

Sarah Mei (, Founder of RailsBridge, Director of Ruby Central, and Architect at Salesforce, presents:

"Livable Code"

The world of software development has profoundly changed since the discipline was first identified more than 50 years ago, yet today we still fundamentally model it the same way we did then: as a variant of engineering, manufacturing, or science (depending on who you ask). These models have helped us build a lot of useful stuff. But in the last 5 years, we've discovered that we're in a new world, facing more complex problems that none of those models help with. These problems are largely sociotechnical.

  • Why are some devs way more productive than others?
  • How will a new team member affect our throughput?
  • What’s the right mix of refactoring, new feature work, and bug fixes?
  • How can a manager support a diverse team & set them up to succeed?

For this new, more complex world in which we’re making software, we need new, more powerful models. Livable Code is a new model for software development, based on one crucial insight: these days, people are the most difficult part of software. Starting from that, we’ll construct a model for thinking about codebases and teams fundamentally different from that of “engineering,” and see what new insights it can give us, both on the social issues our teams face, and on our technical issues. Let’s describe software as it is actually practiced - warts and all - and seek concrete ways to improve. Our world is changing - but we can change with it.


6:30-7:00 Registration and Dinner

7:00-7:15 Career Lightning Talk

7:15-8:00 Tech Talk

8:00-9:00 Networking and Coding time

Dinner (not pizza!) and Drinks provided by Mavenlink ( Gluten-free and vegetarian options will be available.

23 Geary Street, Suite 500 · San Francisco, CA
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