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Reducing Ruby's Enumerable & Humans Aren't APIs

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Jennifer Tu, Founder at Cohere LLC, presents "Humans Aren't APIs And Your Request Is 400 Denied". Brandon Weaver, Platform Engineer at Square, presents "Reducing Enumerable - An Illustrated Adventure".


Jennifer Tu (, Founder at Cohere LLC, presents:

"Humans Aren't APIs And Your Request Is 400 Denied".

Have you ever asked someone to do something, and they hear the exact opposite?

Why do miscommunications happen? Does knowing why matter? And more importantly, how do you achieve your original desired request?

If you want to learn more ways to influence those around you, this talk is for you! You’ll learn about different causes for failed communications, and different workarounds you can apply for different failure modes. Come to this talk to add another tool to your communications toolbox.

Brandon Weaver (, Platform Engineer at Square, presents:

"Reducing Enumerable - An Illustrated Adventure"

Meet Red. Red is a reducing lemur, and he loves to sum things using the reduce method. The problem is, with Ruby 2.4+ and the sum method he's starting to think reduce isn't that useful anymore. Distraught, Red asks his master for advice, and she sends him off on a grand journey to learn the true powers of the reduce method by reimplementing various methods from Enumerable.

Join Red on an illustrated adventure through the land of Enumerable as he learns to map, select, find, and more using his trusty reduce.

If you're new to Ruby and Functional Programming, this is the talk for you.


6:30-7:00 Registration and Dinner

7:00-7:35 Career Talk

7:35-8:10 Tech Talk

8:10-9:00 Networking and Coding time

Dinner (not pizza!) and Drinks provided by Mavenlink ( Gluten-free and vegetarian options will be available.

23 Geary Street, Suite 500 · San Francisco, CA
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