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The Hidden Costs of Page Builders: What You Don’t See Is What They Get

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About the talk

Page Builders like Visual Composer ( say we can “take full control over your site … with no programming knowledge required”, but there are hidden costs and complications.

It makes bloated code (which means our sites aren’t as fast as they could be), it lets us make bad design decisions (which means our sites don’t look as professional as they could do) and it makes us mix content and presentation (which means we’re not using WordPress as it’s designed to be used).

We want our sites to be the best they can be. In this talk, you’ll learn about Page Builders pros and cons, about what the most important things for a good site are, and the answer to “should designers learn to code code?” (and vice versa).

About the speakers

Deb Butler is a full-time, freelance Front-End Developer who specialises in WordPress. Not only does she spend her days building everything from the classiest to quirkiest of websites, she also runs workshops at Code Saloon for WordPress beginners and lectures at Friends of Design teaching the full-time students and part-time students how to build their own.

You can view her portfolio website here: The Startum Project (, workshops here: Code Saloon ( and don’t forget Facebook & Twitter:


Steve Barnett works as Front-end developer and User Experience consultant. He loves the One Web and applying User-Centered Design principles to Front-end Development. He’s a bit addicted to meetups and community things ( you can find him helping out with RailsBridge Cape Town (, Cape Town Front-End Developers (, running a device lab ( session, or at conference giving a (strongly opinionated) talk or facilitating a workshop. If he’s not there, he’s probably crouched in an awkward position in front of something funny-looking, taking pictures of it (

You can find him on Twitter as @maxbarners (, on GitHub as SteveBarnett (, and on his own site Naga ( (which really, really, needs a redesign) as, erm, himself.


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