What we're about

Busy working moms who are returning to work after maternity leave.
Working Moms who want to let go of guilt and embrace the perfectly imperfectness of life.

Moms who have careers that are important to them.

Silicon Valley working moms looking to live, work and parent true to her values.
Moms who embrace mindfulness as a way of living, working and parenting.
Moms who want to be good parents but aren't into perfection or over-parenting.
Moms wanting to take good care of themselves.
Moms who want 50-50 marriages and strong marital partners.
Moms who are leaders and want to stay on track to top positions.
Moms who want to spend time with their kids and be models of happiness for them to draw from.
Moms who realize they're raising themselves more than raising their kids.
Moms who like to keep it real and laugh a lot.
Moms who want to receive and provide support to other moms.
Moms who like to read.
Moms who like to travel.
Mom who are breaking the mold and want the same for their daughters.

Moms who want to stay connected in a disconnected world, keep learning, and keep living life to the fullest.

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Working Moms' Mastermind: Get Your Will & Estate Done!

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Working Moms' Mastermind: Keeping Pleasure Alive!

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