Write/Speak/Code: Open Source Hours

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Participants will get to submit pull requests to beginner friendly projects! There will be mentors to do pair programming with!


6:30-7:00 - Dinner, intro, and meet and greet

7:00-7:15 - Intro and project remarks

7:15-9:30 - Break off in groups (by project) and work We'll be featuring the same projects from our last event so that people can gain more experience with those projects!

We'll be featuring the same projects from our last event so that people can gain more experience with those projects!


Getting Unstuck: Using the Scientific Method for Debugging by Caroline Taymor (@CarolineTaymor (https://twitter.com/carolinetaymor))
Have you ever gotten really stuck while trying to understand the cause of a bug? Thinking of your debugging session as a science experiment, and using the scientific method can help you make progress again. Come and learn how to adapt the scientific method (the process used for scientific research) to get past that stuck place and find the cause of bugs or production incidents. You’ll walk away with a great new tool to keep you calm and focused in the face of inevitable bugs.

Caroline Taymor is a software engineer with a passion for making operations less painful. Caroline is currently building the Cloudfoundry container scheduler. Caroline loves exploring the tools and processes that can make us better developers and make building software less painful. When not thinking about software and how we build it, Caroline studies Talmud and paints abstract hypersaturated watercolor paintings.

Featured Projects:

if me (https://github.com/julianguyen/ifme) is an open source, not-for-profit mental health communication app (http://www.if-me.org/) to encourage people to talk about their experiences with loved ones. Our project is built and maintained by contributors many backgrounds and skill sets, not just technical folks. Starting conversations about mental health in immigrant and minority communities is important to us. We've translated our app to Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish. Our tech stack includes Ruby on Rails, React, Postgres, jQuery, HTML, and SCSS. Check out our README (https://github.com/julianguyen/ifme/blob/master/README.md) and CONTRIBUTING.md (https://github.com/julianguyen/ifme/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md) to get started! We're also one of the Rails Girls Summer of Code projects this year!

Mentors: Julia Nguyen (http://julianguyen.org) and Camille Villa (https://twitter.com/effusivelynerdy)

CodeBuddies (http://codebuddies.org/) is a community of independent code learners who enjoy sharing knowledge and helping each other learn faster. We built an open-sourced community-built platform that lets users schedule google hangouts to study, teach, or pair program together. The app is built using MeteorJS (HTML, SCSS, jQuery, Blaze), and our community is active on Slack. Please check out our README (https://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fgithub.com%2Fcodebuddiesdotorg%2Fcb-v2-scratch&h=iAQEmFvmK) and contributing.md (https://github.com/codebuddiesdotorg/cb-v2-scratch/blob/master/contributing.md) to get started if you'd like to contribute!

Mentor: Linda Peng (https://twitter.com/lpnotes)

The AMP project (https://www.ampproject.org/)is an open source initiative to improve the mobile web experience for everyone by enabling the creation of websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms. Since launching in early 2016, AMP has continued to grow. It now has more than 400 contributors and is used by 2 billion AMP documents with 35 million+ new AMP documents per week. Check out our website (https://www.ampproject.org/)to learn more about AMP and get started.

Mentor: Yuxuan Zhou (https://github.com/zhouyx?tab=stars)

Mapbox (https://www.mapbox.com/) is the location platform for mobile and web applications. We provide building blocks to add location features like maps, search, and navigation into any site or application. Mapbox has strong roots in open source and has almost 700 open source repositories on Github. Mapbox proudly embraces our open-source roots. We work in the open and release as much code as possible. We believe it's the right thing for people, technology, and business. Mapbox will be featuring their Directions API (https://github.com/mapbox/mapbox-gl-directions/issues), Geocoder API (https://github.com/mapbox/mapbox-gl-geocoder/issues), and Python SDK (https://github.com/mapbox/mapbox-sdk-py/issues) repositories at this event.

Mentors: Molly Lloyd (https://twitter.com/mollymerp), Lauren Budorick (https://twitter.com/lbudorick), and Ann Millspaugh (https://twitter.com/annmillspaugh)


Thank you Mapbox SF for hosting this meetup!

Thank you Indiegogo and Slack for sponsoring!

This meetup is for women and non-binary coders only.