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Write/Speak/Code: Open Source Hours

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Tien "Mimi" N. and 4 others
Write/Speak/Code: Open Source Hours


Note: This Meetup event is only for people underrepresented in tech. This includes: trans, non-binary, and women technologists.

Participants will get to submit pull requests to beginner friendly projects. There will also be mentors to help with pair programming!

Free dinner will be provided, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

Big thanks to our hosting company Postman! Postman is an API Development Environment used by over 6 million developers and 100,000 companies to access 130 million APIs every month.


6:30-7:00 - Dinner and meet & greet

7:00-7:10 - Intro and project remarks

7:10-7:30 - Bias in Algorithms by Eva Sasson

7:30-9:00 - Break off into groups (by project) and work. We'll be featuring the same projects from our last events so that people can gain more experience with those projects!


Eva Sasson runs product marketing at, an open source & SaaS startup for error monitoring and crash reporting. Sasson has an MSc in Business Analytics and Management Science from University College London, where she explored building data science models in Python and dove into a handful of subjects from bias in machine learning to prediction models. Sasson’s passion is to support women and underrepresented communities in tech, in addition to transitioning to a zero waste lifestyle and keeping lots of things in jars.

:::Featured Projects:::

if me ( is an open source, not-for-profit mental health app that encourages people to talk about their experiences with loved ones. Our project is built and maintained by contributors with many backgrounds and skill sets, not just technical folks. Starting conversations about mental health in immigrant and minority communities is important to us.

Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, React, Postgres, HTML, SCSS

Mentors: Julia Nguyen ( and Camille Villa (

CodeBuddies ( is a community of independent code learners who enjoy sharing knowledge and helping each other learn faster. We built an OS community-built platform that lets users schedule google hangouts to study, teach, or pair program together. Our community is active on Slack.

Tech Stack: MeteorJS, HTML, SCSS, jQuery, Blaze

Mentor: Linda Peng (

Cita Press ( is a feminist indie open-source press publishing carefully designed public-domain books written by women.

Tech Stack: JavaScript, HTML, CSS


Mentor: Juliana Castro (juliacastrov)