Open Source Hours: Hacktoberfest Edition

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Note: This Meetup event is only for people underrepresented in tech. This includes: trans, non-binary, and women technologists.

Participants will submit pull requests to beginner-friendly projects with the help of mentors for pair programming! If possible, we recommend setting up your dev environment before the event for a good head start.

Free dinner is provided with vegetarian, vegan, & gluten-free options.

Register with Hactoberfest before the Meetup, make four PRs before 10/31, and earn an official limited edition Hacktoberfest t-shirt! All backgrounds and skill levels are encouraged to complete the challenge.

Big thanks to our hosting company Sentry! Sentry is open-source error tracking that helps developers monitor & fix crashes in real time. They're hiring!


6:30-7:00 - Dinner/Meet & Greet

7:00-7:10 - Intro & Project Remarks

7:10-7:30 - The Sourcing Heuristic and Investigating Open Source Projects by Camille Villa

7:30-9:00 - Break off into groups (by project) & work. We'll be featuring the same projects from our past events so attendees can continuously grow.

:::Talk Description:::

Looking for a project to contribute to for Hacktoberfest? Stop! Before you dive into the issue queue, we'll learn how to investigate an open source community and evaluate its new contributor readiness. In this talk, Camille will provide some tips and tricks for GitHub archaeology and sleuthing like a historian.

:::Featured Projects:::

if me ( is an open source, not-for-profit mental health app that encourages people to talk about their experiences with loved ones. Our project is built and maintained by contributors with many backgrounds and skill sets, not just technical folks. Starting conversations about mental health in immigrant and minority communities is important to us.

Tech Stack: Ruby on Rails, React, Postgres, HTML, SCSS

Mentor: Camille Villa (

CodeBuddies ( is a community of independent code learners who enjoy sharing knowledge and helping each other learn faster. We built an OS community-built platform that lets users schedule google hangouts to study, teach, or pair program together. Our community is active on Slack.

Tech Stack: MeteorJS, HTML, SCSS, jQuery, Blaze

Mentor: Linda Peng (

Sentry ( is open-source error tracking that provides visibility across your entire stack, giving you the details you need to fix your bugs. Come help contribute to Sentry's open source documentation -- it's great for beginners!

Tech Stack: Ruby, Jekyll


Mentor: Megan Heskett

Open Pixel Art by Twilio is an art project created with the intention to teach you how to create a pull request.

Anyone who wishes to learn how to create a pull request for a project on GitHub can use this project to contribute a pixel to the canvas. You will only be able to ever create one pixel but you can pix whatever color you prefer as long as it is a valid HEX code. For example: #F22F46 the brand color of Twilio.

Tech Stack: JavaScript, Netlify


Mentor: Tilde Thurium (

Parking is available in the Moscone parking garage at 255 3rd Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, or street parking.